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People In Asia Are Calling Out ‘Begpackers’ For Scamming Locals To Fund Their Travels




  • Citizens of Asian countries are taking to social media to shame ‘begpackers’ for asking for money from poverty-stricken folks.
  • Begpackers have become a huge problem in Bali where the government is planning to report them to their embassies.
  • Some of these tourists have even been spotted begging for money despite having expensive clothes and gadgets.

What would you do to travel around the world? Most people would probably work hard to save some money. However, there’s a new breed of travelers who head for Asian countries then ask the locals for money to fund their trips. Not surprisingly, people in Asia are already calling out these “begpackers” for scamming people in order to continue travelling.

“Begpackers” are tourists, usually backpackers, who have run out of money while visiting Asian countries. Most of these tourists are usually white and would sit on sidewalks begging for cash despite having expensive cameras and other belongings. However, it doesn’t end there. Some people have pointed out that some begpackers are scamming the locals, lying about their financial situation in order to get more money.

Begpackers will ask for your money so they can continue traveling.

Some locals have decided to shame the “begpackers” by taking their photos and sharing them on social media. This way, they could spread awareness about these people who would rather beg to fund their travel instead of getting a job.

Bali is just one of the islands where you can find hundreds of “begpackers” and the government is now taking action against it. Setyo Budiwardoyo of Bali’s immigration department has released an official statement confirming that “begpackers” will be reported to their embassies.

“We have seen many cases of problematic tourists, lately they are either Australian, British or Russian,” he said. “We tend to report these cases to the relevant embassies, so that they can oversee their citizens who are on holiday.”

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that there will be any further actions taken unless these tourists are involved with criminal acts. For now, residents are forced to deal with the “begpackers” who don’t seem to care about anything else other than asking for money to continue traveling.

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