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She Bashed a Prom Proposal Written as Street Signs. Seconds Later? She Was Crying Buckets!





The prom is one of the most anticipated events in anyone’s young life. This is the opportunity to dress up, hang out with friends, and finally ask your crush to a date. Some young lads have very creative ways of asking their possible dates to the prom. We saw one video that has a great potential of being a really sweet “promprosal”. However, it did not go as expected as the girl blurted out fairly harsh comments without knowing that the proposal was for her.

As the couple drove along the streets, they saw road signs with the words of the prom invite. Watch how the girl reacted as she read through the signs, and how she immediately cried due to regret after.

The entire event was caught in this video.

Watch how awkward the situation was:

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Credits: Daniel Pena via SF Globe

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