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Baby Makes Delightful Facial Expressions While Playing Peekaboo! So Adorable!





Peekaboo is classic game for babies who are starting to appreciate different facial expressions and visual stimuli. Being able to play this game with a baby signals that a new milestone has been reached. Parents become ecstatic every time these events happen. Luckily, with today’s technology, these moments can be captured through photos and videos.

A good example is the video below, which features a mom and a cute little girl playing peekaboo. The interesting part of this clip is the unexpected reactions of the baby – delighting her mom and those who have watched it already.

Just like in any other game of peekaboo, the child seems so confused every time the mom disappears, and suddenly smiles when her mom pops out again. But in this particular video, the child’s facial expressions are so animated that it left us laughing and feeling so amused the whole time. The perplexed reaction followed by the uncontrollable giggles make us want to have a baby now!

Watch the delightful video below:

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Source: Little Things

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