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Mother Wants To Abandon Her Baby; Dad Comes To The Rescue

This father sets a perfect example of how dads should be.


One of the best experiences a man can go through is when he becomes a parent. There is no joy that can compare when a father hears the voice of his child for the first time.

But when you realize that your first child has a medical condition that can’t be corrected, what would you do? Are you going to give the up the child to escape from the pain and burden you think you might go through in the future? Or are you going to keep and love him or her unconditionally?

This dad in Armenia was devastated when he heard the unexpected news from the doctors at the hospital that his newborn child, Leo, has Down syndrome. But his despair did not end there. His wife threatened to divorce him if he will not give up Leo.

This is baby Leo.


Leo may have a disability but he looks so cute in this picture.


According to Unicef, it is common in Armenia to either give up or abandon children with disability. However, Samuel Forrest decided to keep the baby and started a Go Fund Me fundraising campaign so he could go home to New Zealand, where he is originally from, with Leo. He said that his newborn will receive better medical support in New Zealand, but admitted that it is not something he can afford. That is the reason why he asked for help from the people through the Go Fund Me website.

Leo in the pool with his awesome dad.


Leo on his first birthday. The boy turned out to be really handsome.


A mother is supposed to love her child unconditionally, but Forrest’s wife refused to be associated with their own baby. She even refused to touch Leo. According to the story, children with disabilities are considered shameful for the families in Armenia. The doctor who took care of the delivery even told his wife that she did not have to keep the baby.

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One-Legged Man Steps on A Treadmill And Gets Everyone’s Attention

These people deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

The ability of a person cannot be determined by how he or she looks. More than the physical attributes, it is the inside that truly counts.

While some people may not be blessed with an appearance that society considers acceptable, it does not mean that they are not strong and beautiful individuals.

Take for example the athletes from Paralympics -- the Olympic games for handicapped people. Some of them are missing a lower limb, lack both arms or are sometimes completely blind. Despite such situation, some of these athletes may even be stronger than those people who sit on the couch all day, munching on chips and watching TV series after TV series.

In this social experiment that we found, three Paralympic athletes were sent to the gym to do what they do best. Hidden cameras were installed to capture how the people reacted before, and most importantly, after the athletes did their thing.

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Father Sets Up Camera to Capture Fiancee’s Intense Labor and Birth of Daughter

The baby came before the midwives arrived so daddy helped deliver her himself!

Impending fatherhood can make daddies-to-be accomplish amazing things they would otherwise not think of doing.

Take the case of photographer and certified proud dad, Martin Boyce, who kept a cool head under pressure and documented his fiancee's emotional labor and birthing. Even in the frenetic moments, they both realized the baby was coming early.

Martin even had to act as impromptu doula when his daughter arrived before the midwives even got to their Leicester home!

021216 birth filmed 3

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White Balloon Moved By Itself During Child’s Wake and Comforts Grieving Mom

At a child’s wake, only one white balloon out of several others in the room moved and went towards the grieving mom.

In times of grief, we'd often long for the loved ones we lost to make their presence felt. We want to be comforted by the thought that they're not entirely gone. So many grief-stricken people long for spirits to give signs that they're somehow still around.

Perhaps, this was what happened to a woman from the Philippines who was devastated by the death of her child.

A RachFeed story highlights a video shared on Facebook by Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, which shows a scene from the wake of her child. We see the child's white casket and some white balloons near it.

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