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10 Awesome Beach Cities To Visit Right Now


Some cities are well-known for their beaches and usually attract an amazing number of tourists on a regular basis. However, some people also hope to enjoy some fun in the sun and surf without having to deal with hundreds of other guests. Luckily, there are several awesome beach cities around the world that have gorgeous blue waters and sunny weather.

These lovely locations prove that you don’t need to go to Rio de Janeiro or the Mediterranean to enjoy the beach. Summer is the perfect time to explore new places. Interestingly, these beach cities can offer fun for the whole family.

Big Wave Bay in Hong Kong

Hong Kong might be known for its shopping centers but the island also has a cool beach that is the perfect spot for windsurfing. Big Wave Bay is also home to a prehistoric rock carving that depicts animals that once roamed the island.

Plage de Ngor in Dakar, Senegal

There is plenty of family fun to be had in Plage de Ngor. You can always spot children playing football along the shoreline while you dine on some freshly-shucked oysters. It’s hard to miss with all the colorful boats and laughter around the beach all year round.

Bellerive Beach in Hobart, Australia

Tasmania might not be the first place that comes to mind when looking for Australian beaches but Bellerive Beach offers a great location for the whole family. Even dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash.

Pärnu Beach in Pärnu, Estonia

Some people believe that the best thing about Pärnu Beach is that it is only a 15-minute walk from the city center. Others say that it is the warm shallow waters that are safe for children of all ages. Either way, the lovely town attracts hundreds of visitors every year.

Freyberg Beach in Wellington, New Zealand

You can do more than just go swimming in Freyberg. Locals enjoy cycling down the waterfront or simply sitting down for a picnic. Children will love the playground that also has a rope-climbing structure.

Geula Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel

Try your hand at a game called “malkot” which is a local pastime for frequent visitors. Geula also has a wide array of restaurants, bakeries, and cafes where you can enjoy the local grub.

Praia do Carneiro in Porto, Portugal

Get a history lesson while walking down the promenade of Praia do Carneiro. The beach is home to Fortaleza de São João da Foz, a fortress built in the 16th century to defend the Douro.

Nauthólsvík Beach in Reykjavík, Iceland

The geothermal beach is undoubtedly one of the best spots in Iceland since the man-made wonder allows everyone to have some fun in any weather.

The golden sand is certainly different from Iceland’s natural beaches but it still draws locals and tourists alike.

Essaouira Beach in Essaouira, Morocco

The colors and residents of the beach city certainly elevate Essaouira above others. Try something new and exciting, like riding a camel along the shore of the brilliant blue waters.

Oakwood Beach in Chicago, USA

Also known as 41st Street Beach, the city’s latest addition is turning into one of the more popular sites for music festivals. The family will certainly enjoy having a quiet time together while checking the colorful murals.

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