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Anti-Vaxx Parent Asks For Recommendations About Child’s ‘Outside Room’, Gets Hilarious Answers

“I’m not looking for this post to turn into a debate, REBECCA.”


People who choose not to vaccinate their children insist that it is a well-thought decision that should be respected. Nevertheless, some people still couldn’t help but poke fun at anti-vaxxers when they ask silly questions on the internet. For instance, the parent of an unvaccinated child asked for recommendations about moving his bedroom outdoors. Not surprisingly, people had some truly hilarious answers.

The unnamed father posted his query on Facebook in hopes of getting some recommendations. According to the post, the two-year-old boy named Jericho likes to spend his days outdoors so his dad decided to create an outdoor bedroom for him. The post also confirms that the toddler is not vaccinated.

Here’s the post asking for recommendations.

It didn’t take long before people began giving their advice. Most pointed out that a two-year-old who already understands what a curfew is should be able to handle sleeping on the floor.

Some were also surprised that Jericho could spend all day outdoors. As one comment pointed out, “you didn’t vaccinate him so you’ve already committed to a casual relationship with the uglier side of Mother Nature. May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Soon, people were less concerned about Jericho being unvaccinated and just couldn’t get enough of the toddler’s independence in the great outdoors. Nevertheless, some were still quick to point out that the child clearly liked to live dangerously since he is not vaccinated.

Interestingly, the father’s post also calls out someone named Rebecca. Although it is unclear who Rebecca is, she has since addressed the post with a savage response of her own.

“Hi, this is Rebecca. No debate needed. Just know that if Jericho comes inside one morning and speaks of a bad dream involving needles it definitely wasn’t me sneaking into your yard with the MMR vaccine,” she wrote.

It’s still unclear if Jericho actually got his outside bedroom with the yellow furniture.


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