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What These Miners Found in Siberia Could Pertain to Ancient UFO Sightings!





The discovery of ancient stones and fossils always excite us, as it lets us take a peek into the world before us. As added treat, some of these archaeological finds are so unique that it is not only a historical gem, but a creative find as well.

A mining company in Siberia, called the Kuznetsk Basin, is no longer a stranger to these kinds of finds. Recently, they found man-made circular stones that have been driving their employees crazy!

The stone wheels are nearly perfect circles – which baffled the mining company!


Photo credit: ecuavisa
The stones measure 4 feet in diameter, and weighs about 440 pounds.

Do these numbers sound like our ancestors made them for practical purposes? We don’t think so. So what? Errr, why did they make them?

The stones were found 130 feet below the ground, which according to archaeologic estimates, make them 10,000 years old.

Does these stones correspond with the ancient Dropa stones found in Tibet?

stone- ufo

Experts say that our ancestors may have made them as monumental symbols of extraterrestrial sightings in the ancient times. Could it be? Could UFOs really made its way on Earth 10,000 year ago and inspired our ancestors to make these unique stones? What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this pot to your friends and family!

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