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What These Miners Found in Siberia Could Pertain to Ancient UFO Sightings!

These definitely look like flying saucers.


The discovery of ancient stones and fossils always excite us, as it lets us take a peek into the world before us. As added treat, some of these archaeological finds are so unique that it is not only a historical gem, but a creative find as well.

A mining company in Siberia, called the Kuznetsk Basin, is no longer a stranger to these kinds of finds. Recently, they found man-made circular stones that have been driving their employees crazy!

The stone wheels are nearly perfect circles – which baffled the mining company!


Photo credit: ecuavisa
The stones measure 4 feet in diameter, and weighs about 440 pounds.

Do these numbers sound like our ancestors made them for practical purposes? We don’t think so. So what? Errr, why did they make them?

The stones were found 130 feet below the ground, which according to archaeologic estimates, make them 10,000 years old.

Does these stones correspond with the ancient Dropa stones found in Tibet?

stone- ufo

Experts say that our ancestors may have made them as monumental symbols of extraterrestrial sightings in the ancient times. Could it be? Could UFOs really made its way on Earth 10,000 year ago and inspired our ancestors to make these unique stones? What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this pot to your friends and family!


Burglars Armed with Guns in Hospital after Victim Hacked Them with a Samurai Sword

A man defended his home in Argentina from four armed burglars, wielding a Samurai sword against their guns.


Four burglars armed with guns broke into the house of 49-year-old Dias Costa in the Cerro Norte neighborhood of Cordoba, in central Argentina, to steal money and valuables but they all ended up in the ICU after the enraged homeowner fought back.

Costa and his wife, Christina, were rudely awakened by these thieving youngsters who threatened them with a gun.

Then, when the attackers turned back to pillaging their home, the quick-thinking victim took a decorative samurai sword off its display case and began hacking at the shocked burglars.

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23 Hilariously Overloaded Vehicles in the World.

Got excess baggage?


Got excess baggage? Apparently these vehicles have tons of extra cargo to carry. And although vehicles should follow the appropriate weight limits in order to be considered safe, some of these drivers fearlessly overloaded their vehicles with various stuff even if it meant endangering their lives.

We’re not sure how they were able to fill in scooters, bikes, trucks, motorcycles, and even trains with various stuff. Looking at these unbelievable photos reminds of an African proverb: "No matter how tight a monkey's trousers are, there is always space for his tail."

So which of these photos is the worst?

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Fearless Photographer Captured Photo of Angry Lion Moments Before it Attacked Him.

Find out how this fearless photographer cheated death after capturing photos of this angry and seemingly hungry lion.


At times, wildlife photographers willingly risk their lives just to get the perfect shot. Often subjected to travel to remote places like the jungle and tropical lands, they often have little or no access to help in case of an emergency. And since they are dealing with wild animals such as lions, tigers, hyenas, or snakes, an element of danger is always present with each click of the camera.

Atif Saeed, a 38-year-old freelance photographer from Pakistan, was interested in capturing images of an angry and seemingly hungry lion at a safari zoo park near Lahore.

Armed only with a camera, the fearless photographer alighted his jeep, moved slowly towards the male predator, and shot a few frames. It was a very risky move for Saeed who was only ten feet away from the king of the jungle.

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