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Amputee Picked Up a Lost Wallet then Went on a Shopping Spree. What Happened Next? Unexpected!





In today’s world where money dictates everything, one cannot pass up on the chance of getting easy cash without having to break a sweat. After all, earning it is as hard as hell, and for some people, they don’t mind getting it the easy way even if it means putting their integrity on the line. It may be hard to accept, but thieves and bad people are but common in the society today. But of course, there are still some people who have not been swayed off of their values and good will.

What would you do if you picked up a wallet on the streets? This is the main theme of a video we found. In the clip below, a group of guys conducted a social experiment to determine how people would react when free, easy money is laid to them in an instant. There was one man who stood out. He picked up the wallet, looked around and went straight to a shopping mall, where he bought himself a new bag and a pair of shoes. The crew followed him still, but towards the end of the video, they were shocked to find out where he was headed.

Watch the video here:

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Were you fast in accusing the guy of bad intentions at the start of the video? We were too. But this video just proved that honest people still do exist and that humanity still lives up to its moniker.

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Credits: DennisCeeTv

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