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American Christians’ Vision Of God Looks A Lot Like Tesla Founder Elon Musk





God might look like the man who mass-produced flamethrowers and made them available to the public. A new study has asked hundreds of American Christians what God might look like. Interestingly, the results reveal that the creator has a strong resemblance to Tesla founder and all-around cool guy Elon Musk.

The psychologists of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted a study to see what American Christians think God actually looks like. The research called on 511 participants who were shown 300 face pairs aggregated from a base face that represented the average American. The researchers then compiled the top choices to create an image of God’s face. A separate picture from the unpopular options were also used to come up with the creator’s “anti-face.”

The study published by Joshua Conrad Jackson, Neil Hester, and Kurt Gray confirms that American Christians believe God is Caucasian.

The image of God’s face has been likened to Elon Musk, who has famously declared he wants to die on Mars.

American Christians clearly imagine God as a Caucasian male who strongly resembles the man who sold 20,000 flamethrowers.

The connection is certainly interesting since Elon Musk has started several companies that try to help the world. However, Musk has also been vocal about not being religious. In the meantime, the SpaceX CEO has not commented on his resemblance to the creator.

Liberal participants (left panel) believe God looks more “African American” while conservative participants were the ones who think the creator resembles the Tesla founder.

Professor Kurt Gray has a simple explanation on why American Christians believe God looks like a white man. The study’s senior author and psychology professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill stated that it all comes down to man’s own ego.

“People’s tendency to believe in a God that looks like them is consistent with an egocentric bias. People often project their beliefs and traits onto others, and our study shows that God’s appearance is no different—people believe in a God who not only thinks like them, but also looks like them,” he said in a statement.

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