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Elon Musk Says His Brain Chip Will Allow People to Hear Sounds Past Normal Frequencies




  • Elon Musk declared that his brain-computer interface will allow people to hear previously indistinct sounds.
  • He also claimed that through this chip, we can listen to music directly from our brain.
  • Musk will present more details about this technology on August 28.

Elon Musk claims that through his brain chip, people can hear sounds that have previously been inaudible to the rest of us.

Musk, founder of Space X and Tesla, has been revealing more information about Neuralink’s technology in a series of tweets on Thursday. He said that his brain-computer interface “could also extend range of hearing beyond normal frequencies and amplitudes.

He made previous claims that it is possible to stream music directly from the chip as well.

Furthermore, the brain-computer interface can help regulate hormone levels. According to the tech mogul, it enhances a person’s abilities such as greater reasoning and anxiety relief.

Musk co-founded Neuralink in 2016. The firm’s primary goal is to alleviate the effects of neurological disorders. To be specific, they are aiming to help patients who have severe mobility problems.

Ultimately, though, he intends to “upgrade human beings” in order to keep up with advanced artificial intelligence.

Musk has always been adamant about his beliefs about advanced AI. He frequently stated the danger that it may surpass us within the next several years.

He said, “My assessment about why AI is overlooked by very smart people is that very smart people do not think a computer can ever be as smart as they are.

Last year, the company shared a major update about the technology regarding how they will use a robot to implant thin and very light wires in a person’s brain, and connect it to an external computer processing unit. He also added that they intend to make the connection wireless.

Musk said they are working on a “sewing – machine” like device. This will provide a direct connection between a computer and the implanted chip in the brain.

Last July 2019, Neuralink revealed that they had already successfully tested the technology on mice and apes.

They had planned on starting with their first human trials early this year. According to Musk, the process will be like having Lasik laser eye surgery.

Since 2016, Neuralink has held only one major presentation on how the brain-computer interface will work.

Although Elon Musk has recently been sharing bits of information about the technology, they are set on giving more details on the 28th of August.

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