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7 Surprising Things Women Find Attractive In Men





Tall, dark, and handsome — that’s the typical description when a woman describes her ideal man. However, the truth of the matter is that it’s not the only basis for women to find someone attractive.

While there are no real guidelines when it comes to appearing flawlessly attractive to everyone, some men get women’s attention because of certain things that they have. Here are seven surprising things women find attractive in men.

1. Owning A Dog

There’s something about owning a dog that automatically makes the owner appear to be gentle and relatable. Women associate men with dogs as husband material. If they’re great with their pets, then their most probably be excellent with kids too.

2. Being Older

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Younger men are still trying to figure life out, while older men already experienced the highs and lows and learned from them. Women always feel the need for protection and stability and older men can provide them with that.

3. Wearing Red

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The color red denotes passion, confidence, and love. According to an experiment carried out by scientists, red has a great influence on female perceptions and desires because it also helps a man feel more self-assured.

4. An Interesting Career

There are certain professions which appear sexy to women. Men in uniform are highly attractive to them.

5. Playing Hard To Get

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Women are naturally inclined towards men who do not open up about their feelings easily. She will keep thinking about the guy if she doesn’t know how he truly feels about her.

The uncertainty in male actions about whether he really likes a woman or not makes her really interested in him.

6. Being Dark and Broody

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The seriousness is attractive to women, so they prefer deep men than those who are happy-go-lucky. It proves that women are attratced to “bad boys.”

7. Deep Voice

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Women generally prefer men with strong and masculine voice. A study suggests that our brains connect voice to size, so a man with a deep voice is believed to be big in size, which women prefer because it makes them feel protected.

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