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50 Fashion Fails Turned Into Hilarious Memes





When Heidi Klum said “In fashion, one day you’re in, and the next you’re out” in “Project Runway,” it wasn’t just a cute catchphrase, it was the truth. Fashion is very tricky. What you thought was super cool in the past may look strange and bizarre in the present.

However, there are trends that we couldn’t believe fashion designers, celebrities, social media stars, and influencers expect us to like. Some are silly, others are confusing, and most of them are simply ridiculous. Thankfully, the internet transformed these disasters into our little entertainment. Here are 50 fashion fails turned into memes.

1. When you realized you have too many jackets and just one body.

2. The one on the right nailed it.

3. I thought this was a part of the “10-Year Challenge.”

4. When you’re just not a morning person at all.

5. I think JB needs to change his diapers.

6. Don’t get your hopes up, kid.

7. Hope he’s not cold anymore.

8. Humans would look less sophisticated than this cat, though.

9. I bet the one on the right is more comfortable.

10. The whole point of wearing a pair of clear boots is to show off your socks!

11. This is a Speak Out game, right?

12. I guess it’s safe to say that the Clintons are Steven Seagal fans.

13. “Hurry up gramma, I’m a busy boy.”

14. Look at the bright side, we all can rock this trend.

15. Someone needs to turn back the time.

16. Just why?

17. He might as well go out naked.

18. Just in case you want to see what a walking sleeping bag looks like.

19. When you want to wear your pet.

20. I don’t even want to think about it.

21. Looks like grandma got a lot of time on her hands.

22. 2019: Trendsetter

23. Rant it out!

24. I know how you feel, pup.

25. I don’t understand this trend at all.

26. Cool anklet… Oh, wait.

27. He must be proud.

28. Okay, mom.

29. Cat ladies are trendy now.

30. Who would want to wear accordion-looking pants?

31. No one can “pool” this off.

32. I hope that day would never come.

33. He looks happy, though.

34. #Relate

35. Face the consequences.

36. They say love makes you do stupid things.

37. If you say so.

38. I’m sure he’d get the job.

39. Because rolling your sleeves up is too mainstream.

40. I’m confused.

41. Now we all know KW’s fashion inspiration.

42. Looks delicious.

43. I bet she has a meatball ring.

44. #BusyDay

45. It’s called a nightmare.

46. When you’re super rich but still can’t afford to buy the whole sweater.

47. So is this the boot equivalent of the convertible car?

48. How is this a trend?

49. Because tying your hair is so yesterday.

50. Why choose when you can have both?

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