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5 Important Signs for a Long-Lasting Relationship

They often say it’s a matter of give and take, but it takes more than that to make a relationship stronger and last longer.






Write-ups about relationships are emerging here and there, from how to build a strong relationship to how to tell your partner is cheating to how to tell she’s into you and the list goes on. In fact, you’ve read different advises, looked into every sign, follow all the routine, but you still feel that your relationship is about to fall down.

Hence, Max Blumberg, a psychologist and researcher at London’s Goldsmiths University, revealed a study that could help you make your relationship last longer.

Check out these five important signs keys to your relationship happier, stronger and longer:

1. Make sure in every one bad experience, you share six good experiences together


Blumberg explained that it is a bad sign if a couple has more bad experiences together.

It’s necessary to have an argument in a relationship – but the key is the ratio. And it’s also important that the conflicts are being resolved properly.

However, one still has to wait about 3 to 4 hours to cool down their emotions to talk about their problem.

So the common wisdom not to go sleep on your problems is not necessarily true.

2. Do more than kiss and make up when the issue is already solved


Having makeup sex is a good thing – and from a female perspective it’s critical.

However, the physical makeup should always be after the verbal one.

If a woman stops having sex in a relationship, it shows disengagement, which is the worst state to be in. Even conflict is preferable.

3. Be happy doing nothing together


The philosophers and psychologists have long study to define different kinds of love.

Pragma is one way to define relationships that are built on practicality. According to research it’s this type of relationships that most happy couples fit into.

Blumberg added that pragmatic relationship is a rational and realistic kind of rapport and you can see if you have this type when you are happy doing nothing together.

4. Talk about each other’s feelings


If you can’t talk about the relationship, it’s not a good sign. It often means there are issues bubbling under the surface.

Blumberg claimed that a heart-to-heart talk plays a significant role in every relationship. Talking seriously about each other every now and then is healthy and can help to make a relationship stronger and last longer.

5. Most of your friends approve


You can trust your guts and feelings, but when those fail, you have your friends to turn to and family, of course.

If you find it hard to trust your own gut then you need to listen to your friends, your mom or other members of your family. Don’t listen to one friend, who might have an issue, but try to get a general sense from a few.

Of course, these advises might work only as your guide, but the most important are your feelings and what you and your partner have.

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