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5 Money-Saving Tips That Could Help You Get Richer This Year





Admit it or not, most of us, if not all, are having a hard time saving money even if we earn more than what we actually need. Spending less to save more money is easier said than done especially now that holiday sales are not over yet. So, to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution here are some surefire money-saving tricks you should try this year.

1. Bring lunch from home

Sounds familiar, right? This is one of the most common money savings advice most of us hear from the elders and, yet, it is the most effective one. You might have higher grocery bills but bringing sandwich, chips or a piece of fruit from home can really help you save.

2. Fill your piggy bank.

Yes, you read it right. Saving with an old-school piggy bank is still helpful especially if you do not have enough time to drop by to your local bank. Start using bills when buying and put all the change inside your little bank.

3. Set aside every $5 bill you’ve got.

Another trick that could help you rack-up more money by year’s end is by keeping all the $5 bills you have inside your wallet. Remember, just like tiny raindrops, when small things add up, it can soon become flood.

4. Walk yourself to work.

This trick might not be applicable to some who are miles away from their workplace but, to those who are just a few meters away from their offices, this is a must try. Aside from that fact that it could help you save money, this will also have some positive impacts to your health.

5. Ask help from your smartphones.

By using an app like Earny, you can easily track online purchases, check prices and find email receipts in seconds.

While these money-saving tricks could be helpful, we highly suggest that you develop your own personal financial plan. Stick with it and get rich slowly but surely!

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