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5 Amazing Apps College Students Should Not Live Without

These are all a must-have!






College life is fun and, yeah, a bit exciting. Even so, there are obstacles that students need to conquer and maintaining a good grade is just among the many of these. Believe it or not, there are mobile apps that can actually help make college life a lot easier. Whether you are living on campus in a dorm or a in a student housing near, you will definitely benefit from these.

Sure, you may know two or more mobile apps out there already. Perhaps the common ones are Facebook and DropBox. However, they are not really the game changers. There are apps that are developed specifically to cater college students like you.

Below are five of the most useful apps for college students we gathered from LifeWire. Try them. You will not regret it.

#1. Party In My Dorm

It was originally called as Wigo, though Party In My Dorm looks cooler and straight to the point. This one here was first launched as a social tool for college students only. It basically helps in getting students interested in various events happening at their school. Since its conception, the app has been packed with tons of features. It even helps in finding events in nearby places, making it a great app for people other than college students. It also comes with a chat system as well as a real-time tracker to check who is going where.

#2. StudETree

Some students love textbooks, but there are those who simply do not. After all, they pay big bucks just to acquire these books in one semester. Well, this is where StudETree becomes a very useful mobile app. It helps users find a good number of bargains. Heck, it even allows people to sell their old textbooks to generate money. The functionality is really user-friendly. With just a click of a button, users can easily post and start selling.

#3. Tapingo

In its most organic form, Tapingo is a food ordering (with deliver service functionality) app specifically developed for college students. It gives users direct access to all sorts of menus as long as they are nearby. Users can even customize their preference according to their favorite places and/or food. Once an order is placed, it can either be picked-up or delivered. More importantly, the app offers a good amount of exciting offers, discounts and bundles.

#4. PocketPoints

Most of the time, students will find a way to save money. Perhaps it is for the purpose of buying new stuff like a gaming console. Or simply, they just want to have the funds for their next travel adventure. Either way, it is always good to have a tool that helps do such. Enter PocketPoints. This app here basically rewards users with points, but only if they decide to put their phone down. Yes, believe it or not. Students just need to lock their phone and leave it for as long as they want. These points can then be used to get good deals and discounts. This should help them save money in one way or another.


In college, it is almost as if everything just moves. Students find it hard to balance things, as they have to be busy for school, projects, exams, etc. The list goes on. OOHLALA is a social task organizer that is built for students with the busiest of minds. It helps them track their activities and be on top of everything. Moreover, they can check out what their friends are doing. This is definitely a must!

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