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Are You A Non-Drinker? Here’s Why You Should Rejoice – But Sulk At The Same Time!





Let’s face it, college life, for most of us, will not be complete without learning to drink and staying up during drinking sessions with your friends. However, in very rare instances, you will also meet some people who won’t drink at all. Their reasons may vary, it may be because of personal preference, religion, or sometimes even health.

If you are a non-drinker, and all your friends are, you know that the struggle is real. You probably feel out of place sometimes but let’s look at the silver lining here.

Jacob Andrews, the artist behind For Lack of Better Comics hilariously shows us the real pros and cons of being a non-drinker, especially when you are surrounded by friends who are habitual drinkers.

Here are some reasons why you should rejoice for being a non-drinker – but sulk at the same time.

1. The Hangover

2. Cool Hangout Places

3. Dealing with Awkward Situations

4. You’re The Reliable Friend

5. The Designated Driver

Sticking to your principles (or sticking through to your doctor’s order) and not drinking requires a great deal of perseverance. Having to deal with friends who drink when you don’t definitely require a greater deal of patience and determination.

Plus, c’mon let’s face it, everything illustrated here is real and it doesn’t happen just once. For some, this may even be a nightly occurrence. One ever-sober friend just might be picking up his or her drinker friends from bars and driving them home every single night. So salute to you, ever-sober friend!

Can you relate to this? Which one is your favorite? For those who drink, do you have this kind of friend? Hit us up in the comment section.

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