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40 Cosplay Photos That Will Just Blow You Away

You will definitely want to cosplay after checking them out.


When it comes to cosplay, it is almost impossible not to talk about San Diego Comic Con. It is, after all, the biggest and most popular entertainment convention in the entire planet. And every year, the event gathers all of the thousands of cosplayers from all over the world. It is basically a four-day run of fun and excitement. Of course, this year is no exception.

If you think you have seen enough superheroes on the big screen, you better think twice. Cosplayers from the convention brought their A-game and made sure that they were a beautiful sight to see. Seriously, you will have a hard time differentiating them from the superheroes in cinemas.

Thanks to BoredPanda, we have compiled a list of some of the most interesting cosplays from San Diego Comic Con 2017. They are absolutely off the charts!

#1. Yes, that is Liev Schreiber together with his son who dressed as Harley Quinn.

#2. Who says wheelchair will not do any good?

#3. Nailed it!

#4. Because Winter is here. That is why.

#5. Wait, is that Johnny Depp?


16-Year-Old Boy Dies After Drinking 90% Pure Liquid Meth At US Border

Somehow, both seems to be at fault here.

A new surveillance footage has been released recently that might shed light on the tragic death of a 16-year-old Mexican boy at the U.S. border several years ago. In the video obtained by ABC News, two border officers can be seen questioning high school student Cruz Velazquez. The student was entering the U.S. at the San Ysidro Port of Entry when he was stopped by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency. Apparently, Velasquez was carrying two suspicious bottles containing yellowish liquid, which he claimed to be apple juice.

After a few minutes, the border officers encouraged Velasquez to drink the liquid to prove that it was just an apple juice. Hesitant, the young boy proceeded and took small mouthfuls of the highly-toxic drug.

A Mexican teenager was allegedly forced to drink liquid methamphetamine.

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Jealous 16-Year-Old Boy Locks Up 71-Year-Old Wife to Prevent Other Men From Taking Her

The 16-year-old boy is so emotionally attached to his elderly wife that he has even neglected his religious obligations.

Although people like to say "age is nothing but a number," age remains a crucial factor when it comes to relationships. This is especially true when one or both people in the relationship are still minors. It gets even more complicated when one person is a minor while the other is already a senior citizen. This is the case with a married Indonesian couple — a 16-year-old boy and a 71-year-old woman.

For the most part, people have commented on the vast difference in the degree of maturity of the teenage boy named Selamet and his elderly wife Rohaya. However, the couple say that their marriage is going strong.

Their families have been forced to accept their union.

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Destiny? Woman Marries American Guy Who Donated a Christmas Box to Her 14 Years Ago

Their love story is one for the books!

Do you believe in destined love? A lot of people are skeptical about this concept as they believe it is us who create our own path. However, destiny apparently favors some people, just like what happened to American Tyrel Wolfe and his Filipino wife, Joana.

Years after they got married in 2014, Tyrel and Joana’s love story continues to inspire others. It started with a simple act of charity between the two when they were still kids.

It Began with a Shoebox Gift

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