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26 Weird Ice Cream Flavors To Challenge Your Taste Buds





What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate and vanilla are very old school. Ice cream shops nowadays are now exploring new and far more adventurous flavors that are sometimes borderline ridiculous.

Ever heard of charcoal or pig’s blood-flavored ice cream? Here are 26 weird ice cream flavors that would challenge your taste buds:

#1 Salt and Pepper Ice Cream

Source: List 25

This is made up of common spices found at home. This flavor is offered by San Francisco ice cream shop, Humphrey Slocombe

#2 Caviar Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Made with 60 percent white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian caviar, this ice cream is sold by French company, Philippe Faur.

#3 Honey Jalapeño Pickle Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Sold by Sweet Action Ice Cream, this flavor consists of chopped cucumbers, jalapeño peppers and honey.

#4 Beer Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Your favorite alcoholic beverage and dessert in one. This emerging ice cream flavor is manufactured by at least five ice cream companies including Mercer’s Dairy, Frozen Pints, The Ice Cream Bar, SnoBar and Tipsy Scoop.

#5 Cactus Ice Cream

Source: Dramafever

Yup, they are referring to those thorny plants you know. This must be the best dessert in the desert.

#6 Lobster Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium seafood-flavored ice cream boasts fresh-buttered lobster in every bite.

#7 Fig & Fresh Brown Turkey Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Perfect for thanksgiving. This weird combination is a best-seller at Il Laboratorio del Gelato in New York.

#8. Jellyfish Ice Cream

Not really made of jellyfish but this awesome creation from Lick Me I’m Delicious could glow. Lick it and it will light up! Pressing your tongue on this ice cream would agitate calcium activated proteins therefore making it glow. Well, the price is awesome too at $200 a scoop.

#9 Pig’s Blood & Koji Ice Cream

A really bloody flavor. This is developed by Nordic Food Lab substituting koji, a fermented barley, for cocoa to create a blood ice cream recipe.

#10 Caribou Fat Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Made with caribou or animal fat and berries, this ice cream is also called “eskimo ice cream,” or akutaq.

#11 Carrot Ginger Ice Cream

Source: Savory Notes

Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver made an ice cream with real carrot juice and freshly-grated ginger is available at

#12 Garlic Ice Cream

Source: List 25

This is a must-have at the annual Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California. It is commonly topped with caramel mole sauce.

#13 Ramen Ice Cream

Source: Irorio

Japanese ramen is best served hot but an ice cream company in Japan took it to another level. This must be how ramen tastes if you left it in the freezer.

#14 Ranch Dressing Ice Cream

Little Baby’s ranch dressing ice cream debuted in Philadelphia in 2015. It is made of buttermilk, garlic, chives, and dill to give it that cool salad taste.

#15 Deep Fried Oyster Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Another Japanese invention. Vanilla ice cream base with deep fried oyster.

#16. Miso Ice Cream

OddFellows Ice Cream in New York City has several flavors made of miso, a popular Japanese soy paste. This includes Miso Peanut Butter, Miso Cherry and more.

#17 Curry Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Made with spicy, savoury and sweet Indian curry This is featured in Vosges Chocolate’s exotic flavors.

#18 Lox Ice Cream

Source: affotd

This flavor from Max and Mina’s Ice Cream in Queens is the perfect brunch food. The vanilla ice cream base is mixed with bits of Nova smoked salmon, cream cheese, and salt to emulate a bagel-and-lox taste.

#19 Ketchup And Mayo Ice Cream

Source: Freezer Burn

That’s your favorite condiments turned ice cream by Freezer Burn PH. It sounds weird but no worries, the shop also offers side snacks such as fries to in it.

#20 Potato Chips Ice Cream

Source: BuzzFeed

Beenie’s Ice Cream in Morristown, New Jersey offers the perfect “midnight snack” in this vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered potato chips and Cap’n Crunch pieces.

#21 Charcoal Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Hailing from Japan, charcoal ice cream has also spread through the depths of US. Little Damage in Los Angeles sells house-made cones and ice creams made with activated charcoal. They have flavors like Almond Charcoal and Black Roses.

#22. Squid Ink Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Ikasumi or squid ink is a popular ice cream flavor in Japan. It is sometimes topped with wasabi sprinkles.

#23 Horse Meat Ice Cream

Source: List 25

An ice cream fair in Japan once featured an ice cream made with raw horse meat.

#24 Coronation Chicken Ice Cream

Source: List 25

If curry isn’t enough, this flavor is right for you. It is made of cold chicken, raisins in mayonnaise, and curry inspired by the coronation chicken dish that was cooked for the queen’s coronation in 1953.

#25 Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream

Source: List 25

Heladeria Coromoto in Venezuela created this blend with your favorite pasta and cheese.

#26 Juniper & Lemon Curd Ice Cream

This ice cream flavor by Jeni’s is designed to taste like a martini with juniper berry notes and lemon curd.

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