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25 Sarcastic Tweets That Accurately Define Parenting

This is hysterical. I love #11!


We all know it – parenting isn’t exactly a job for the faint of heart. Providing for and raising children can actually take all your energy and sanity. Just ask anyone who’s ever done it and they’ll definitely testify of that.

While, sure, it can also be the most rewarding thing ever (any parent will probably also tell you that) but there are just moments when you feel tempted to think what kind of mess you’ve gotten yourself into.

Case in point, these 25 sarcastic tweets by parents are so filled with truth that it’s so painful. Still many of these are so hilarious and entertaining we can’t help but laugh along while reading them.

Scroll down below and prepare to have a good chuckle:

#1. Kids are terrifying.

Source: maughammom
#2. Every parent’s holiday wish:

Source: DaddyJew
#3. When the kids are crying…

#4. I’m gonna try this trick!

Source: yenniwhite
#5. That sad moment when you catch yourself making this deal with your kid.

Source: DaddyJew
#6. Kids and candy bars.

#7. “See that kid out there scoring all the goals?”

Source: DaddyJew
#8. Children, you have been warned.

Source: Gooooats
#9. This is how you make sure your kids don’t leave their beds at night.

Source: thenatewolf
#10. Darth Vader is well-pleased.

#11. The ironies of having a dino-enthusiast child.

Source: PinkCamoTO
#12. “I wish you were cool.”

#13. These kids will never forget this valuable lesson.

#14. The case of the backward shirt.

#15. It’s the only logical conclusion really!

#16. Their kids vs your kids.

Source: PinkCamoTO
#17. What’s the point of learning Algebra? THIS!

Source: Cheeseboy22
#18. This Twitter mom is a winner!

Source: _Mo_lee_
#19. This can be a big problem.

Source: KentWGraham
#20. It’s a trap!

#21. The real role of a father:

#22. “There are some bad people out there…”

#23. OUCH!

Source: dialect
#24. So it’s your fault, you bad dad!

Source: Dadmissions
#25. The thing about sharing and reading.


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