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20 Strange Books You Should Never Read In Public

OMG these are hilarious! LOL!


Reading is always a good way to pass the time. When you’re on the subway or maybe waiting for your turn at a doctor’s office, a book can be a wonderful companion. It enriches your mind and, in a way, makes you look a bit intellectual.

Unless, of course, you’re reading the books below. In this case, you’ll probably get weird stares from others.

Well sure, you can still read these titles publicly if you’re planning to prank people just like Scott Rogowsky did, not once but twice.

Go scroll down and see for yourself:

#1. Recipes based on what???


#2. It must be an exciting day for Amanda… If you know what I mean!


#3. Yes, we know this book is about physical therapy. It still looks weird though.


#4. Spoiler alert: The book will only probably tell you to get out of the way.


#5. How can anyone stand a chance against this family?


#6. Is this about paintings of cats or literally painting cats? We’re just as confused as you are!


#7. Still a better love story than Twilight.


#8. Wow! Talk about dedication to one’s chosen “career.”


#9. We think we have an idea what this book is all about.


#10. He obviously loves mushrooms. And trombones, perhaps?


#11. To be fair, he’s looking pretty satisfied.


#12. Gotta give it to them how they managed to stay straight-faced.


#13. I can imagine how this would cause outrage if it was published now.


#14. What exactly are cheese problems anyway?


#15. Animal right advocates will probably go ballistic with this.


#16. I dare you to read this beside a police officer. LOL!


#17. They’re pretty indeed!


#18. Good luck with that. I wouldn’t want to be next.


#19. What a unique coloring book.


#20. Okay, I’ll say it – this cover simply looks strange!



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