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Guy Pranks Entire Subway By Reading Books With Hilarious Fake Covers





Reading on the subway is a good idea to pass up the time. You get to catch up on your favorite books by taking advantage of what would have otherwise been idle time. Or, if you think like comedian Scott Rogowsky, it may be the perfect opportunity to prank fellow commuters.

Recently, popular YouTube channel ‘The Chortle’ uploaded a prank video featuring Scott hopped into the subway in New York, sat down like other passengers do, and then brandish a book with ridiculous fake covers.

Just imagine… How would you feel if you encountered a guy reading a book like this?

fake book covers 3

Source: The Chortle
Or this?

fake book covers 2

Source: The Chortle
Or maybe this one?

fake book covers 4

Source: The Chortle


Source: The Chortle


Source: The Chortle


Source: The Chortle

And there are many other awkward books that this guy read on public such as ‘1,000 Places to See Before You’re Executed by ISIS’, ‘Ass Eating Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for New Boyfriends’, and more. Needless to say, the act elicited a lot of reaction. Some people stared at him in disbelief while others simply had a good chuckle.

Watch the epic reactions of the subway commuters on this video:

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The video was such a big hit on YouTube that it quickly gained more than 2 million views days after it was posted online. The prank was originally uploaded by The Chortle and it’s definitely enjoying a lot of positive feedback.

I have to admit it though, ‘Gone Girl 2: Even Goner’ has to be my favorite. It’s so brilliant, I’m still laughing while typing this.

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