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Subway Prankster Is Back With More Funny Fake Book Covers





Remember Scott Rogowsky? Yes, he’s that guy who pranked an entire subway in New York as he was spotted by passengers reading books with hilarious fake book covers such as…

Well now he’s back with a bunch of new ridiculous books and, to make things more fun, he even brought a friend along with him.

As in his past prank, subway passengers couldn’t help but notice Scott’s unusual choice of reading materials. People laughed, giggled, gave him weird stares, and took a few snaps. Everyone’s reactions were captured by hidden cameras.

Here are some of the fake book titles he read during his train ride:

#1. 10,000 Dick Pics

#1. 10,000 Dick Pics

#2. Joy Of Cooking Meth

#2. Joy Of Cooking Meth

#3. Hiding Your Erection From God

#3. Hiding Your Erection From God

#4. Tinder Training Your Toddler

#5. Tinder Training Your Toddler

#5. Unsightly Genital Rashes: A Coloring Book

#6. Unsightly Genital Rashes: A Coloring Book

#6. Gay Garfield

#7. Gay Garfield

Meanwhile, his lady friend read:

#1. Hack Your Period

#1. Hack Your Period

#2. Math For Non-Asians

#2. Math For Non-Asians

#3. Why Women Deserve Less

#4. Why Women Deserve Less

Now watch the funny video here:

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The video has been well-received among netizens. In fact, it immediately got over 900,000 views after it was published just last May 16, 2016.

YouTube user Smoothiefreak commented:

“This should go on forever.”

ThatSuaveFellow said:

“This is amazing. Hey look YouTube, harmless yet fun pranks. It exists…”

Knightonagreyhorse pointed out:

“The pokerface is quite impressive.”

While Mia Maxwell praised the video and said:

“Now this is a real prank. It doesn’t harass anyone or invade others’ space, and it’s hilarious.”

Slow clap for the two pranksters! To be honest, I couldn’t stop laughing while watching the video. The people’s facial expressions say it all.

Which covers were among your your favorites? Tell us in the comment section plus don’t forget to share this fun post with your Facebook buddies!

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