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20 Fashion Brands You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong





There are so many designers out there, both expensive and affordable, that make you wonder how you should pronounce their brand. Frenchify it with silent letters and you might sound pretentious, but if you pronounce every letter you might sound completely ignorant.

There’s really no winning unless you search for people who work for that brand and ask them yourself. And even then, there are cultural pronunciations that differ from the original pronunciation!

So if you’re just dying to talk about your favorite brands like Marchesa (mar-CHE-sa?) and Saucony (SAU-ko-nee?), look no further! Instead of looking the right brand pronunciation up on the sly before you say it out loud, just refer to this handy list! Just make sure you practice pronouncing each brand out loud to yourself before you casually mention your new Hermès scarf of your latest pair of Manolo Blahnik stilettos!

Hermès: Air MAYZ

Source: Hermes
Christian Louboutin: KREEST yahn loo boo TAHN

Zara: THAH rah

Source: Zara
Joie: Zjwah

Source: Joie
Maje: Mahj

Source: Maje
Ralph Lauren: Ralph LOH ren

Source: Ralph Lauren
Acne: AHK nay

Source: Acne
Miu Miu: Mew Mew

Source: Miu Miu
Marchesa: mar KAY za

Source: Marchesa
Monique Lhuillier: mo NEEQ LYU li ay

Elie Saab: EH lee Sahb

Source: Elie Saab
Manolo Blahnik: MUH no lo BLAH nik

Rodarte: ro DAR tay

Source: Rodarte
Versace: vur SAH chee

Source: Versace
Comme Des Garcons: Kohm de gahr SOHN

Uniqlo: yoo NEE klo

Source: Uniqlo
Adidas: ah DEE das

Source: Adidas
Saucony: SOH ka nee

Source: Saucony
Lululemon: LOO loo le mon

Source: Lululemon
Bebe: BEE bee

Source: Bebe

Mispronouncing brands like the ones mentioned above is common. But it’s better if you learn how to properly pronounce them before you embarrass yourself!

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