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20 Awesome DIY Gifts You Can Give This Christmas

Need some cheap, last-minute gift ideas? We’ve got you covered!


Christmas is pretty much around the corner now and, if you’re a wise buyer, you’re probably done with all your Christmas shopping. You’ve got all the gifts ready since you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the season.

Or probably not.

Some of us may have been too busy (or too lazy, perhaps?) to visit the local malls or even to order stuff online.

Well if you need some last-minute gift suggestions and actually don’t mind taking the DIY route, then we’ve got you covered!

Check our list below to get some sweet ideas that will spark your creativity. We’ve even included the how-to links below the images for your convenience.

#1. Christmas cups

Source: youtube

Go spread the yuletide cheer – in a cup!

#2. Reindeer throw pillows

Source: tipjunkie

Perfect for cars or living rooms.

#3. Let’s have some rein-beer!

Give those bottles a Christmas twist.

#4. DIY kitchen towels

This will make any kitchen more festive.

#5. Snowmen

Source: youtube

No pun intended but this is actually cool!

#6. Christmas coasters

Now those are some cute coasters!

#7. Kisses Christmas tree

Source: qbeesquest

I wonder why Kisses hasn’t thought of this yet.

#8. Christmas reindeer cones

Besides, everybody loves Swiss Miss!

#9 . Color-coded Christmas baskets

Source: mariasself

They look pretty!

#10. Golf balls

For the golf enthusiast in your life.

#11. Christmas Kisses pack

The pun is strong in this one.

#12. Popcorn Snowman

There’s absolutely nothing like some good old popcorn.

#13. Christmas Piñata

Kids will love this.

#14. Reindeer envelopes

Source: puertabella

Write those heartfelt messages on Christmas cards – and then send them using these cool envelopes.

#15. Oreo gift pack

Christmas balls instead of gift tags? This is terrific!

#16. Jingle Bell frame

Now that’s the jingle bell rock.

#17. Gold-accented gift wrap

Source: 100layercake

Add a classy vibe to your holiday presents.

#18. Christmas kitchen tools

Here’s how you give them in a unique way.

#19. Puppy treat bags

Source: prettyfluffy

Christmas treats for Santa’s little helper.

#20. DIY Christmas wrapper

Do it chalkboard style and your gifts will surely stand out in the crowd.

Home & DIY

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25. Make a Christmas playlist

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