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15 Hilarious Scenarios That Parents Will Surely Relate To

Parenthood is one heck of a crazy ride. #9 is truly funny!

Mark Andrew





Parenthood is one heck of a crazy ride. As a dad for over 4 years now, I think I can say that from experience – and I’m sure the worst is yet to come.

While I mostly enjoy being a father to an energetic little toddler, there are indeed days when things can get really tiresome and stressful. Case in point, you’ve just finished tidying up one room only to discover that your kid has messed another.

The best thing to do in such situations, of course, is to laugh it off. Or so at least I try. I’ve personally learned that getting mad would never fix things anyway so might as well just use humor to cope with the horror.

For this exact same reason, I couldn’t help but adore the superb work of Liesbeth Ton – an artist and greeting card designer from Netherlands.

Liesbeth has three kids and she has done some hilarious comics that brilliantly capture the daily challenges that we parents usually face. Its genuinely funny I couldn’t help but relate with many of the scenarios, except, of course, with that breastfeeding part.

#1. All the freaking time!


#2. Babies are an adorable bunch – sometimes.


#3. Mothers are heroes.


#4. I think this happens to me everyday.


#5. That moment when you succeed to get them busy so you can work in peace. Not!


#6. Traffic light button dilemma.


#7. Every single damn time.


#8. When you finally get that much-needed me time…


#9. That awkward moment when you realize the consequences of being late.


#10. Breastfeeding woes.


#11. Fathers are heroes, too. Yay!


#12. It’s always a struggle.


#13. Never ever dare ruin a city.


#14. Did I startle you?


#15. Parenthood summed up in a single comic.


According to BrightSide, Liesbeth recently published a collection of her comics in celebration of her 10th year of motherhood. Well, that’s 10 full years of pain and anguish – plus hugs, kisses, and lots and lots of playtime in between.

Kudos to you, Liesbeth, for the awesome comics and for being a great mom! For anyone interested, you can check out more of her work over at her official website.

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