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Parents Outraged After Hospital Switches Their Baby With Another Child




  • Aphril Sifiata gave birth to her baby last January 18.
  • She and her aunt later had suspicions that the baby wasn’t hers for several reasons – such as differences in weight, appearance, and even the birthdate indicated on the baby tag.
  • A DNA test later revealed the truth and now hospital staff members are now under investigation for negligence.

A hospital in the province of Rizal, Philippines has recently sparked outrage after their staff apparently mixed up two newborns and have them to the wrong parents. In a report, we learn that new mother Aprhil Sifiata gave birth to her baby last January 18. She, however, had a feeling the newborn wasn’t her own because he weighed lighter and had a different appearance.

Eventually, even Aphril’s aunt became suspicious when she noticed that the baby’s tag had a different name and birthdate. The date indicated January 17, instead of 18.

The story was later picked up by the local media and through their help, Aphril and her husband Marvin were able to obtain a DNA test.

As the couple expected, the results confirmed that the child wasn’t theirs. The family whose newborn has been switched with theirs has already been contacted and they’ve likewise agreed to a DNA test.

Meanwhile, a hospital staff member confessed that the original baby tag had accidentally been removed.

The story attracted a lot of attention on social media, with many netizens expressing dismay about what happened.

One netizen commented:

“The hospital should pay all the damages and costs they’d done to both of the families. The people in the NICU should have their licenses suspended. This should not have happened. It means they’re not doing their job right! Hoping to both of the family to get your right baby soon!”

Atty. Nicolas Lustero, director of the Department of Health’s Health Facilities and Services Regulatory Bureau, assured the family that investigation is now ongoing and those who would be proven negligent in their duties will be properly dealt with.

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