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15 Child Models We Could Stare At Forever

I like that they look like their age.

Today the modeling world is not just buzzing with good-looking men and women anymore. There are also hundreds of child models who are making headlines with their flair for fashion and the ease with which they face the camera.

These little shining model stars are still so young but already headed for a road of success. Despite their age, they already look like full-fledged celebrities, and these pics are here to prove it!

Here are 15 charming child models we could stare at forever.

1. Graylee Mae

Graylee Mae is three years old from the USA. She’s a commercial model for children’s clothing.

2. Violetta Antonova

Violetta Antonova is four years old from Russia. She is a fashion and commercial model.

3. Arisha Lebedeva

Arisha Lebedeva is five years old from Russia. She is the daughter of model Elena Perminova and appeared in magazines.

4. Jare Ijalana

Jare Ijalana is 6 years old from Nigeria. A Nigerian photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa took photos of her and it quickly went viral.

5. Liza Tolmacheva

Liza Tolmacheva is 6 years old from Russia. She enjoys dancing, singing, acting, and recently started modeling.

6. Cooper Lunde

Cooper Lunde is 6 years old from South Korea. He’s a fashion and commercial model with over 250,000 subscribers on Instagram.

7. Jordyn Reinle

Jordyn Reinle is 7 years old from the USA. She is a popular young model who appears on runways all the time.

8. Keeike

Keeike is 7 years old from the USA. She’s a fashion model V. Pirratte Agency.

9. Ava Marie and Leah Rose

Ava Marie and Leah Rose are 8-year-old twins from the USA. After their mom shared their pictures on social media, a modeling agency signed both girls.

10. Anna Pavaga

Anna Pavaga is 9 years old from Russia. She has been modeling since she was four years old.

11. Alisa Samsonova

Alisa Samsonova is 12 years old from Russia. She’s a model and worked with popular brands like Armani Junior.

12. Sofiya Razuvaeva

Sofiya Razuvaeva is 12 years old from Russia. She’s a magazine and catalog model.

13. Lara and Mara Bawar, 12 years old (Brazil)

Lara and Mara Bawar are both 12 years old from Brazil. Their unique genetic mutation landed them into the modeling world.

14. Meika Woollard

Meika Woollard is 14 years old from Australia. She is a model since the tender age of three and expanded her brand to short films and music videos.

15. Jade Weber

Jade Weber is 14 years old from the USA. A photographer suggested Jade’s mother to take her to a modeling agency and then landed a job for H&M and Vogue Italia. She’s also an actress.


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