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“If I Wanted To Retire Today, I Could Do So Comfortably,” Says OnlyFans Model Vanessa Sierra




  • Only Fans model Vanessa Sierra recently told 60 Minutes Australia that she’s earning enough from the platform that she could “retire today and do so comfortably” if she wanted to.
  • Vanessa is just one of the many women earning big bucks from OnlyFans.
  • The 60 Minutes Australia feature shared about the stories of these women, along with the many risks they face online.

OnlyFans has been described by some as the modern equivalent of Playboy magazine. The big difference, of course, is that instead of buying an issue, users spend money to subscribe and see premium content from their chosen creators.

The platform has gained fame online in recent years and many models have since earned big bucks by uploading exclusive content on the site.

Vanessa Sierra, for example, refuses to go specific when asked about how much she makes from OnlyFans. However, the social media influencer proudly told 60 Minutes:

“If I wanted to retire today, I could do so comfortably.”

A former reality star, Sierra further said in the interview that she began earning more and more as she wore less and less clothes.

“At the start, I would say it was pretty PG. I was literally just posting bikini photos. [Now] there’s definitely a lot more nudity,” she admitted. “That’s the point of OnlyFans.”

Of course, Sierra was quick to point out that it takes a lot of work to succeed on OnlyFans as it is definitely like a full-time job.

“I do put a lot of thought into it. I study trends. There’s a lot of planning that goes into it, she said.”

Countless women, whether celebrities or not, are definitely cashing in on the platform. And of course, it is worth pointing out that there are risks involve such as identity theft, leaked images, and others.

Meanwhile, one mother recently complained how her three children have been expelled from a Catholic school after they found out about her OnlyFans side job.

Watch the 60 Minutes Australia feature here:

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