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Model Gave Birth In Her Bathroom Without Knowing She Is Pregnant




  • A young model somehow went through an entire pregnancy without knowing she is with child.
  • The woman revealed she gave birth to her baby in her own bathroom.
  • Amazingly, she only labored for 10 minutes.

Most women immediately know when they are pregnant. However, a model had no idea that she was carrying a child until it was time to deliver the baby. Amazingly, the young woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl in her own bathroom.

Erin Langmaid is a model from Melbourne, Australia with a truly bizarre birth story. The 23-year-old made headlines when she revealed she had delivered her new baby Isla in her own bathroom. Langmaid also stated that she didn’t even know that she was pregnant in the first place.

Erin never knew she was pregnant until she was due.

According to Langmaid, she never had a baby bump nor went through morning sickness. In addition to that, she never experienced any strange cravings or other indications of her pregnancy. Amazingly, the young model even revealed that she was still getting contraceptive injections while already pregnant with Isla.

Langmaid claimed that the only time she felt ill was when it was time to deliver the baby without her knowing. When she finally used the bathroom on that fateful day, Langmaid was only in labor for 10 minutes before the infant came out.

Erin’s boyfriend was also unaware of the pregnancy.

Langmaid’s boyfriend Dan Carty reportedly rushed to the bathroom when he heard her scream and made the amazing discovery. However, he also revealed that the baby was not breathing so he immediately called for an ambulance.

Luckily, the baby was perfectly healthy although her mother was never aware that she was with child. Isla weighed 7.7 lbs, which makes her about the same weight as an average baby.

Here’s the adorable Baby Isla.

Although Langmaid’s birth story is truly incredible, it isn’t exactly impossible. There have been several reports of cryptic pregnancies or stealth pregnancies around the world although they are rare.

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