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The 11 Most Marvelous Christmas Tree Designs From Around the World

Christmas is around the corner – and these Christmas trees are making us feel the vibe!






The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, and the malls and stores are bustling with people on their last-minute shopping for gifts and food for Christmas. Amidst all these ruckus to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ are the wonderful Christmas decorations that add to the already contagious holiday vibe. And in most places around the world, the centerpiece of these decorations is none other than… (drum roll)

Yep, you guessed it right. The Christmas Tree!

Standing tall and colorful, this symbol of the holiday season takes on various and interesting designs. From sparkling lights to literally ‘man-made’ trees, I bet you wouldn’t help but be awestruck by the marvelous Christmas tree designs around the world. Check out these marvelous photos!

1. Paris, France


A 25-meter upside down Christmas tree decorates Galeries Lafayette, a French shopping center.

2. Melbourne, Australia


Photo credit: Chris Hopkins

It’s a Lego Christmas! This tree is made out of half a million Lego pieces. Imagine the patience of the makers of this tree and the rewarding feeling when they finished it!

3. Vilnius, Lithuania


Photo credit: Mindaugas Kulbis

This Christmas tree in the Cathedral Square may not be your ordinary Christmas tree design, but a charming one nevertheless.

4. New York, USA


Photo credit: Li Muzi

A classic and extravagant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

5. Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Photo credit:

Made of about 3000 people, this human Christmas tree made it to the Guinness Book of World Records, thanks to its size and uniqueness.

6. Gubbio, Italy


Photo credit: alberodigubbio

This stunning Christmas tree that rests on Mount Ingino has a height of approximately 650 meters, allowing the residents of Gubbio to appreciate its beauty from anywhere in the city. The tree entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 1991.

7. Taipei, Taiwan


Photo credit: Craig Ferguson

This Christmas tree is designed with LED lights and stands tall at 36 meters. Beginning one month before Christmas, a light show is displayed every half hour after sunset.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Standing at 82 meters, these floating Christmas trees are among the tallest in the world. The trees are erected on a floating platform in the Lake Lagoa, each being decorated differently every year. Light shows and fireworks display add to the wonderful view.

9. Washington, USA


Photo credit: Paul Morigi

This is the country’s national Christmas tree. If you live in Alaska and you wish to see this tree, you’ll have to travel about 7,000 kilometers. No sweat, eh?

10. Byblos, Lebanon


Photo credit: Patrick Baz

This extraordinary Christmas tree has a height of 35 meters and is located at the oldest port in the world.

11. Turin, Italy


Photo credit: Pacific Press

Truly one of a kind, this Christmas tree in Turin lights up Piazza Castello.

Do you know of other spectacular Christmas trees? Don’t hesitate to share with us photos and your thoughts about this post!

Happy Christmas!

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