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10 Common Relationship Mistakes Guys Make





So, you’re in a relationship with an awesome girl, huh. We’re pretty sure that you’re always thinking of how to keep the lady happy, but you still have no clue how to keep her happy every single day. Admittedly, being a couple is hard work and you being the guy, have to make sure that your girl is happy all the time.

Now, there’s the challenge. How do you keep the relationship stable and avoid making mistakes in the process? Lucky you, we were able to find out the most common mistakes guys do to piss their significant others off. If you want to remain in a relationship, steer clear from these booboos:

10. Why Do You Ask So Many Questions?

10. Why Do You Ask So Many Questions?

Guys, if you don’t want the girl to give you sarcastic answers, or worse, walk away, stop asking so many questions. Okay, so you want to get to know her better, but a barrage of twenty questions won’t get you to first base even.

9. Nice Guys Finish… With the Rest of the Guys

9. Nice Guys Finish… With the Rest of the Guys


Yeah, this is where you scratch your head and start being confused. Don’t get us wrong though. Nice guys are great, but being too nice isn’t exactly what the girls look for. If you don’t want to look boring to her, stop “kissing up.” That doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk, however.

8. Do Not Delay

8. Do Not Delay

So you like that girl? Then do something about it. Approach her, engage her in small talk. Do not hesitate because it will surely kill your chances of being in her arms.

7. Touch and Go

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Build up the physical familiarity early on and do it often. A word of advice though. Start small and don’t overdo it. Physical contact is just as important as the emotional aspect. Touch her arm, hold her hand, or guide her elbow through a throng of people in a bar. These will make her happy.

6. Don’t Be an Idiot

6. Don't Be an Idiot

And that includes, not ignoring her friends, either. If you want to get on her good side all the time, make sure that you’re in good terms with her entourage. Spend time with them even without her if you want the extra brownie points.

5. Don’t misunderstand

5. Don't misunderstand

Have you read the book, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?” Just know that it really is hard to understand women and so are you. Stop trying to understand and obsess on the negatives, instead focus on the positives to make the relationship work.

4. It’s Not Always About You

4. It's Not Always About You

You think you’re cool? So does she. But don’t toe the line by being a jerk. When you’re with her, be seriously with her. Don’t be spending time with her just to browse on your social media feeds because you can lose her easily without you ever noticing.

3. Prioritize

3. Prioritize

It’s easy for a woman to notice when you’ve been taking a backslide in giving her time and attention and instead focusing on something, or worse, someone else. Give her your time, the same way you prioritize your work and friends.

2. Trust

2. Trust

We’ve been told time and again that a relationship doesn’t work without trust. A relationship without one can be toxic and draining, so don’t give your girl the impression that she cannot trust you. Communicate with each other every chance you get to keep the relationship healthy and stable.

1. Appreciate Her

1. Appreciate Her

If you cannot appreciate the value of your girl, you’re sure to lose her in an instant. Ignoring her importance and taking her for granted will make her feel unloved and potentially make her feel bad about herself. When that happens, you just might find yourself alone and no longer in a relationship with the one person who actually gave you the time and day.

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