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Young Men Are Getting Less Intimacy Due To Video Games






Most of us believe that men only have one thing in mind — s ex. However, the University of Chicago’s biennial General Social Survey (GSS) revealed that it’s definitely not the case anymore based on their latest statistics.

In fact, men don’t get as much action in the bedroom as they did before. The reason? Scientists believe that men are spending a lot of time watching movies and series online, playing video games, and scrolling through social media feeds than being intimate with their partners.

As shocking as it sounds, the revelation is backed up by a data that showed an average of 23 percent of Millennials aged 18 to 30 admitting that they hadn’t had s ex in the past year. The number of men under 30 who reported not having s ex nearly tripled.

Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University, believes that the reason behind this is the fact that many millennials don’t live together.

She explained:

“There are more people in their twenties who don’t have a live-in partner. So under those circumstances, I think less s ex is going to happen. When you’re living at home, it’s probably harder to bring s exual partners into your bedroom.”

Twenge also believes that most men are now more willing to swap s ex for streaming video, social media, console games, and other online activities. With this in mind, the study now makes a lot of sense. The rise of technology has definitely affected a lot of things, and this includes men’s intimacy with their partners.

René Bautista, a senior research scientist in the Statistics and Methodology department at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) and co-director of the GSS, said:

“Other special topics addressed in the 2018 data include mental health stigma, the quality of working life, attitudes regarding abortions, self-assessments of physical and psychological health, and the role of the natural environment in people’s lives.”

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