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YouTuber, TikToker Get Into A Fight During Media Conference




  • TikToker Bryce Hall and YouTuber Austin McBroom got into a fight during a media conference.
  • The two are scheduled to headline the upcoming boxing match “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms.”
  • Several influencers from TikTok and YouTube will be facing off in the bout.

A recent media conference in Miami, Florida turned chaotic after TikToker Bryce Hall (Sway House) and YouTuber Austin McBroom (The Ace Family) got into a brawl during the event. In a viral footage, Hall can be seen attacking McBroom by pushing him which led to the two influencers punching each other. Fortunately, others immediately helped to contain the situation and separate them before things got worse.

According to reports, Hall and McBroom are the headliners in an upcoming boxing match between YouTubers and TikTokers called the “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” scheduled this June 12. The bout will also feature other influencers including Danny Duncan, DDG, Deji, FaZe Jarvis, Michael Le, Nate Wyatt, Tanner Fox, and Vinnie Hacker.

Hall and McBroom got into an actual fight way before facing each other in the ring.

An angry McBroom later said about the incident:

“He out here trying to wrestle. We got a fight June 12 – he’s wrestling me! If he does that bulls*** on June 12, he’s getting his ass knocked out. That’s what’s happening.”

When asked about whether the brawl was scripted or not, he replied “None of this s* was staged. This s* is real. He’s getting knocked the f*** out.”

Hall, on the other hand, bragged:

“Glad your security was there to push me off of you ! After I’m done with you I got a better fight next so I’m not worried.”

Watch the video here:

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The pay-per-view “Battle of the Platforms” will be streamed via the LiveXLive platform.

Musicians will also be performing during the event, although the line-up has not been revealed yet. The “for entertainement only” match is not sponsored by TikTok or YouTube.

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