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Russia Unveils ‘World’s Deadliest Sub’ Which Can Destroy Cities 6,000 Miles Away

It can also launch up to 20 nuclear warheads.


Russia recently unveiled a new class of Russian submarines named after President Vladimir Putin. According to reports, the new subs are considered the “world’s deadliest” because of their advanced features.

Apparently, the Knyaz Vladimir (or Prince Vladimir) sub can launch up to 20 nuclear warheads and “dive to radar-dodging depths of 400 meters, making it virtually undetectable,” the DailyMail described. Moreover, the sub has the capability to destroy cities 5,778 miles (9,300 km) away.

Russia’s new class submarines could reportedly decimate a target city up to 5,778 miles away.

The website further tells us that eight Borei class subs will be built by 2025. This includes five of the upgraded mark two vessels, among of which is the Vladimir. These subs will be capable of launching from 96 to 200 warheads which are 100-150 kilotons each. To put that in perspective, they’re ten times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

The Borei II-class (Borei A) sub was recently launched during a float out ceremony in Severodvinsk, Russia.

Vessel construction began back in July 2012 and it is anticipated that the subs will be delivered to the authorities by 2018.

Meanwhile, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, Russian Navy commander-in-chief, said:

“The development and the construction of the series of Project Borei-A strategic missile-carrying underwater cruisers is aimed at fulfilling the task of maintaining the armament and equipment of the groupings of strategic submarines in the Pacific and Northern Fleets at a high level.”

The new subs will be the country’s most advanced ballistic submarine ever.

While all these destructive features are undoubtedly impressive, we do hope there wouldn’t come a time when these scary weapons will actually be used. We hope there wouldn’t come a conflict so big that Russia – or any other country, for that matter – will suddenly decide to pull the trigger, so to speak.

We are living in terrifying times, people.


ISIS Sends Out New Threatening Poster Urging Jihadis to Attack Rome

ISIS is said to carry out attacks on the Vatican City on Christmas.

The famous St. Peter’s Square could be the next target of blood-thirsty terrorists. Pro-ISIS groups have just sent a warning using a poster showing a wolf and a khaki-clad terrorist with a rocket launcher beside him overlooking the famous Vatican plaza.

The chilling propaganda was posted by the pro-ISIS Wafa media group, urging followers to carry lone wolf attacks on the Vatican. On the flyer, the message said that fanatics should show the people the true meaning of terrorism.

This flyer serves as an invitation for lone wolves to target the busy St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.

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Kim Jong Un Bans Alcohol and Singing In North Korea

To tighten control over the population, North Korean dictator outlawed drinking and singing in the country.

We’ve all known how North Korea is pretty different compared with other countries across the world and now they’ve taken that to another level. According to recent reports, Kim Jong Un has officially outlawed drinking and singing in order to tighten grip on the population.

Apparently, the South Korean National Intelligence Service has reported, “(Pyongyang) ... has banned any gatherings related to drinking, singing and other entertainment and is strengthening control of outside information.”

Fun is officially banned in North Korea!

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Two Accidentally Shot In Church While Talking About Texas Shooting

Well, this is ironic.

The recent shooting in Texas church has been the headlines in many papers and has been the talk of the town for the past weeks. In an ironic situation, a man accidentally shot himself and his wife in an East Tennessee church on Thursday while he was showing off his gun during a discussion about the recent shooting, according to the police.

Elder members of the First United Methodist Church were cleaning up around 1 pm after a luncheon to celebrate Thanksgiving. The group talked about guns in churches that led to the harrowing incident.

Two elderly people accidentally shot themselves while talking about the recent Texas church shooting.

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