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Amazing $9M Speedboat Can Transform to Submarine In Minutes




  • Victa is a “groundbreaking” vessel that can transform from “surface to subsurface” function in just 2 minutes.
  • The amazing technology is being developed by SubSea Craft, a firm based in the UK.

It may sound like a technology straight from a James Bond or a Mission Impossible movie but believe it or not, this is actually real-life.

Yes, folks, you’ve read that headline right. There is now a special vessel that transforms from a speedboat to a submarine in a couple of minutes.

England-based SubSea Craft created this unique vessel. According to the company’s official website, Victa combines “the characteristics of a fast surface craft with those of a submersible.”

The description continued:

“It moves quickly and seamlessly from surface to sub-surface and this transition, along with its performance in both domains is enabled by an innovative fly-by-wire control system.”

VICTA is unlike any vessel out there.

Six passengers and two crew members can fit in the Victa and, of course, they have to wear their scuba gear in preparation for underwater travel.

Scott Verney, CEO of SubSea Craft, shared:

“You can enjoy transiting along gently with a school of whales. Seeing them under water is far superior than bobbing along beside on a boat.

“It’s the most advanced craft of its type. The two-minute transition time between surface and subsurface is groundbreaking. We’ve also mastered fly-by-wire sophistication to reduce pilot load.”

The Victa measures 39.2 ft in length and 7.5 ft in width.

Performance-wise, the Victa is equipped with a 725 hp Seatek diesel connected to Kamewa water jets.

Meanwhile, a 20-kW electric engine functions as underwater engines, which delivers a speed of 8-knots. The vessel can also go underwater for 25 miles and the life-support system can sustain all eight people for up to 4 hours.

The Victa’s base price will be around 9 million dollars.

Watch the video here:

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