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Woman Arrested For Hiding Drugs In Bra – and Loaded Gun Inside Her Vagina!

The drugs and weapon were found after she was stopped on the highway.


27-year-old Anika Watt has been charged with possession of drugs and weapon after officers found her hiding heroin and ecstacy in her bra – and a loaded gun in her vagina. The woman from Missouri pleaded guilty to both felony charges.

According to reports, Anika desperately tried to hide the Kimber .380 caliber handgun from authorities and so she hid it, uhm, there. But police still managed to spot the weapon.

Anika Watt was stopped by cops for driving 90 mph along Interstate 55, north of Bloomington, Indiana.

After pleading guilty at the Circuit Court in McLean County, Illinois, she is facing a possible 10 year imprisonment for gun possession and 15 years for drug charges. However, there is probably a chance that the sentence “could be greatly reduced after she signed a plea deal,” reported LadBible.

The Kimber .380 caliber handgun measures 5.6 inches and weighs 13.4 ounces when not loaded.

We imagine that’s not something any woman can easily (and comfortably) hide inside her private part.

A female officer found the firearm in the suspect’s vagina which, the court prosecutor later described, came loaded, with “a bullet in the chamber ready to fire.”

So at this point, we all couldn’t help but wonder: What the hell was she thinking, right?

It is not uncommon for people involved with drugs to have guns, said the police.

McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage said a total body search always follows after an individual is found with drugs – and its a common case for suspects to carry weapons.

In Sandage’s own words:

“When you find drugs, you look for guns.”

It is expected that Anika Witt will be sentenced by the court come June 27. It is also believed that her sentence could go lower after she has agreed to sign a plea deal and after she testifies against Clinton McDonald, her companion in the vehicle.


Woman Buried Alive In Cow Manure To Treat Snake Bite, Dies Of Suffocation

A snake charmer’s bizarre healing ritual involves burying the snake bite victim under cow dung.

A woman in rural India has suffocated to death after she was buried alive in cow manure as part of a healing ritual to treat her snake bite. Victim Devendri had her hand bitten by a snake when she was out collecting firewood. At the suggestion of her husband, Mukesh, she sought treatment from the local snake charmer.

Desperate to have the snake bite treated immediately, the couple agreed to snake charmer Murarey's weird healing practice. According to the healer, being buried under a pile of cow dung will help suck out the venom.

Devendri was believed to be bitten by a cobra.

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Newborn Boy Dies After Doctor Cut Off His Genitals To Prove He Was A Girl

He wanted to prove he was right about his predictions that the baby would be a girl.

A newborn baby boy has died after doctor reportedly cut off his penis and testicles to prove to the parents that he was right about predicting the baby would be a girl. Indian doctor Anuj Kumar, who practices in a private clinic located in Chatra district in Jharkhand, is being accused of killing a baby just because he wanted to prove a point.

Police are now looking into the death of a newborn child following a complaint coming from the parents, Guriya Devi and Anil Panda, it has been reported. The doctor made an early prediction that the mother will deliver a baby girl, but he was wrong about it and a boy was born instead.

After the baby was born, the doctor allegedly took him away from his parents.

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Woman Gives Birth Alone In A Hotel Room With The Help Of A YouTube Video

She tied off the baby’s umbilical cord using a shoelace!

While there is no denying that people mostly use YouTube for entertainment purposes, many also use it for information - especially when the need arises. For instance, an American woman turned to the video-sharing website when she found herself having to deal with something she never expected.

Tia Freeman, an Air Force computer specialist, was supposed to stay overnight in a hotel in Istanbul, Turkey before proceeding to Germany for a vacation. As she did not know that she was heavy with a child until her sixth month, she thought that she still had enough time to return home from her vacation before giving birth.

Tia Freeman never suspected that she would already give birth while on her way to a vacation destination.

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