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Bedside Table Transforms into a Bat and Shield To Protect You From Intruders




  • This unique table doubles as a defensive and offensive tool against home intruders.
  • The table easily converts into a wooden shield and bat.
  • Listed on Amazon as the Woodquail Bat and Shield, Bamboo Self Defense Night Stand, the table is stylish in design and practical in functionality.

How do you protect yourself from the possibilities of being attacked by home intruders at night? Some people sleep with a firearm within easy reach while there are others who prefer having a baseball bat beside their bed.

If you’re more like the latter than the former and you want to keep your weapon of choice in a discreet way, we bet you are going to love this new bedside table.

There’s more to this table than meets the eye!

While it may look like nothing more than an ordinary home furniture, most people would probably be surprised to know that it’s actually a bat and a shield hiding in plain sight.

Ready to beat some bad guys!

Listed over at Amazon as the Woodquail Bat and Shield, Bamboo Self Defense Night Stand, this product which recently caught some attention online, is exactly what it claims to be: it’s a bat, a shield, and a nightstand all in one!

With a shield like that, you’ll probably feel as heroic as Captain America!

As the product description tells us, this one-of-a-kind bat and shield furniture “can be helpful as self-defense accessories in order to visually warn the intruder that you are protected.”

The table is also easy to clean and disassemble.

So yes, here’s a table that’s always ready to accommodate your laptop, drinks, pizza, or whatever you want to put on it. More importantly, it gives you peace of mind, knowing you have both a defensive and offensive tool by your side as you doze off at night.

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