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Woman Speeding On A Zipline Nearly Bitten By An Alligator Lurking In The Pond Below

A woman testing a zipline nearly got bitten by an alligator leaping from the pond below it.


Outdoor activities are supposed to be fun while experiencing nature is supposed to be relaxing and refreshing. Put them together and people should have the best time of their lives. But what if going on a nature adventure means danger?

A reptile encounter can be pretty scary most especially when it is an alligator or a crocodile that comes popping in front of you. These creatures are usually found in lakes or swamps so if you’re going on those areas, be very alert or you might end up being the next special alligator meal.

A ziplining woman nearly became a lunch when an alligator leaped out of the pond and tried to bite her.

Source: youtube

A terrifying video of a near miss encounter between a woman and an alligator has re-emerged just recently. In the state of Florida, where alligators are also a native to its lakes, ponds and swamps, a woman passing overhead a lake through a zipline was almost bitten by an alligator.

The video was captured by one of the zipline instructors who were then testing a zipline station that has never been put into use before. The pond was actually known as an alligator pond and a zipline was set up over it to make the ride more exhilarating.

The thrill can be really dangerous, however, and it was proven when a woman took her turn to slide down the line. Wearing her full protective gear, the woman sped through the other end but an alligator suddenly jumped and snapped its jaws close to her feet.

According to Little Things, the woman’s fellow instructors waited anxiously on the other end of the line, waiting for her report. While it was a close call, the female instructor managed to cross the line safely.

Watch the heart-stopping video below:

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Company Creates The Funniest, Most Sarcastic Soap Bars You’ll Ever See

#2 and #4 are the most hilarious!

Buying a bar of bath soap isn't exactly an exciting moment people look forward to. For the most part, we just go into a store, pick up a familiar brand, and take a quick glance at the packaging to get the right scent variant.

Well we can't say the same thing if you are buying Whiskey River Soap Co's products. Why, you ask? It's because the labels are freaking hilarious!

Are you an introvert? Or a middle child? an artist by profession, perhaps? Whoever you are and whatever it is you do, they have the right soap for you - and you'll laugh a lot as you read their products' packaging.

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Woman In Labor Commits Suicide After Family Denied Her Request For C-Section

She begged to feel less pain but they refused.

Going into labor is no joke and it may be the most physically painful thing a woman can go through. And when Chinese pregnant 26-year-old mom, who was only known by her last name Ma, went into labor she wanted to have a C-section but her family didn't agree. That’s when she became so emotional she ended up committing suicide.

Ma, who was admitted at Yulin No. 1 Hospital in Shanxxi Province in northern China, recently jumped to her death, Chinese news outlets reported. A chilling footage of a distressed Ma in labor made the rounds online.

Ma reportedly couldn't bear the labor pain that she committed suicide.

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Newborn Tragically Dies After Doctors Argued For 30 Minutes Inside Operating Room

Poor baby!

Pregnancy and childbirth may be taken lightly by many individuals. However, giving birth is a very dangerous phase in a mother's life - this is because even little problems could lead to the death of either the mother or the unborn child.

In a chilling viral video, two doctors were seen fighting over a dispute in the operating room during an emergency caesarean section at Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur, India. As a result, the baby died of severe birth asphyxia, a condition wherein the body's vital organs like the brain do not get enough oxygen to function. The condition may be caused by delayed childbirth and a very long or difficult delivery.

The doctors involved in the incident were anesthetist Dr. ML Tak and gynecologist Dr. Ashok Neniwal.

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