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YouTuber Who Said Being Vegan Cures Cancer Has Died Of Cancer

She believed that her diet has cured her of breast cancer.

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A YouTube vlogger, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, rejected traditional medicine and said that going vegan is the best way to battle the disease. Mari Lopez, who was popular for promoting a vegan lifestyle, has died from the illness.

Lopez, based on her previous videos, claimed that a plant-based diet has cured her of breast cancer and lesbianism. She manages the food channel at home alongside her niece, Liz Johnson.

Lopez did not have chemotherapy and radiation therapy when she was diagnosed with the potentially-fatal disease two years ago.

She, however, underwent a 90-day juice cleanse and within four months of cutting out animal products and processed food, she claimed to be in remission.

She then believed that her remission was due to the natural remedy and spiritual lifestyle.

According to her, she was also cured of her ‘gay lifestyle’. However, Liz uploaded a new video saying that her aunt passed away in December when her cancer came back, spreading to her liver, lungs and blood.

Liz blames her own mother for triggering the cancer relapse by feeding Lopez with meat and microwaved food.

Liz said in a statement:

“My family is not familiar with that style of living… What happened was, as Mari was living with my mom, my mom started to tell her that she needed to eat meat.”

Lopez believed that eating a plant-based diet has cured her of cancer.

Source: Pixabay

Liz added:

“My mom would buy her burgers and things like that, and she didn’t want to eat that but after a while, she just was just OK with it. When you give in too many times, you just end up saying whatever. I feel like that’s what caused the issues. My aunt was very against the microwave because of cancer-causing issues with that, and my mom would cook her things using the microwave.”

Liz said that her family pushed Lopez to have chemotherapy. She believes that her aunt would still be alive today if she had continued her vegan lifestyle.

Liz also admitted that her aunt asked her to take down the videos about having a vegan lifestyle after she realized that she’s going to die from the disease. However, Liz plans to continue uploading videos about natural remedies to help other people.

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