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Mother Demands £450 From Babysitter Who Gave Chicken Nuggets to Vegetarian Kids




  • The sitter was not aware of the kids’ diet when she bought McDonald’s Happy Meals for them.
  • The mother “literally ripped the nuggets out of the children’s hands” when she saw them eating meat.
  • The sitter was also kicked out of the house without getting paid.

A babysitter claims that a mother was asking her to pay £453 ($600) for feeding her vegetarian kids with chicken nuggets. She said that she was not aware of the kids’ diet when she bought McDonald’s Happy Meals for them.

The 19-year-old babysitter told the story via a Reddit post, where she explained why she bought chicken nuggets for the children, a nine-year-old and a seven-year-old.

She said that it wasn’t her intention to violate anything and she just wanted to buy a treat for the kids.

“This new family asked me to babysit their two children. They were really well behaved kids,” she said. “When I asked what they wanted to eat they asked for a chicken nugget Happy Meals. Since they were so well behaved I decided to buy them the Happy Meals they wanted.”

According to the post, the mother didn’t tell the sitter anything about dietary requirements before she left for the day and leaving the children to her.

All hell broke loose when the mother returned home and saw her children eating the food. The sitter said that the mother “literally ripped the nuggets out of their hands.”

The mother then started yelling at her for “allowing the children to eat dead corpses”.

The sitter was then kicked out the house without getting paid. Later, the mother texted her saying that the needs to pay £453 for each child for the emotional damage that she caused them.

Luckily, the sitter was aware that she hasn’t done anything wrong, saying that her father and older brother are lawyers and the threat didn’t scare her.

She refused to pay the money and told the mother that she should have told her, the sitter, that they are vegetarians. She could have made sure to respect the family’s dietary choice had she known about it. The mother replied that the sitter should not just assume that everyone eats meat.

The story sparked debate on Reddit, with a lot of people siding with the babysitter.

One post said: “The only person who caused the children emotional damage is the mother. Not only did she rip the food out of their hands, she screamed at the babysitter and her kids. Sounds like her kids don’t want to be vegetarian.”

Another poster said that the mother still owes the sitter. “I’d be willing to bet she has pulled this stunt before to get out of paying and maybe try to get some extra cash.”

Still in support for the sitter, another commenter said that the parent has the responsibility to tell about the dietary restrictions “just like if the child had a peanut or tree nut allergy.”

“Even though vegetarianism is growing worldwide nobody assumes you’re a vegetarian. The kids told you they wanted chicken nuggets, you didn’t just give it to them.”

Someone also wrote that the sitter should always check for such details when working with children. “In the future, if you continue working in childcare, make sure you always check about dietary restrictions when you started with a new family!!

“Ask up front if they have any allergies, or anything they’re not allowed to eat. Also get some suggestions FROM THE PARENTS for what its ok to feed the kids.”

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