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Monkey Suffers Caffeine Overdose After Imitating Human Drinking Coffee





They say curiosity kills the cat. In this case, a monkey’s curiosity knocked it out. A six-month-old monkey in Bangkok, Thailand slept for 10 hours after drinking coffee.
The young long-tailed macaque suffered caffeine overdose after it imitated a human drinking coffee.

We thought that drinking coffee will keep you awake. Coffee has caffeine, which alerts the receptors in the brain keeping us awake. However, like any other substance, one can suffer an overdose. For humans with higher tolerance, high levels of caffeine may cause faster palpitations of the heart.

Monkey lost consciousness after drinking coffee.

According to the locals, the monkey saw a human drinking coffee and copied him. It drank the coffee left unattended on a tourist motorcycle and suddenly fell unconscious in front of the onlooking tourists. The primate was brought to the nearby animal clinic for treatment.

The monkey wandered and drank coffee from a cup left by a tourist.

Vets rushed to the monkey to treat it

Veterinarians quickly arrived on the scene and the monkey was treated immediately. The inquisitive creature came to its senses the following morning after being treated with saline and carbon solution. The monkey was released from the hospital when no symptoms are spotted.

To prevent similar incident, a warden has been asked to keep an eye on the creature. The management also asked the tourists to be more careful in leaving food and drinks around, especially in areas frequented by animals.

The macaque was rushed to the animal clinic to treat the caffeine overdose.

The doctors attended to the monkey and was released after the treatment.

A warden is assigned to look after the monkey.

The warden said that the macaques should only be given fruit and vegetables. They also have designated areas where they eat.

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