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Monkey Suffers Caffeine Overdose After Imitating Human Drinking Coffee


They say curiosity kills the cat. In this case, a monkey’s curiosity knocked it out. A six-month-old monkey in Bangkok, Thailand slept for 10 hours after drinking coffee.
The young long-tailed macaque suffered caffeine overdose after it imitated a human drinking coffee.

We thought that drinking coffee will keep you awake. Coffee has caffeine, which alerts the receptors in the brain keeping us awake. However, like any other substance, one can suffer an overdose. For humans with higher tolerance, high levels of caffeine may cause faster palpitations of the heart.

Monkey lost consciousness after drinking coffee.

According to the locals, the monkey saw a human drinking coffee and copied him. It drank the coffee left unattended on a tourist motorcycle and suddenly fell unconscious in front of the onlooking tourists. The primate was brought to the nearby animal clinic for treatment.

The monkey wandered and drank coffee from a cup left by a tourist.

Vets rushed to the monkey to treat it

Veterinarians quickly arrived on the scene and the monkey was treated immediately. The inquisitive creature came to its senses the following morning after being treated with saline and carbon solution. The monkey was released from the hospital when no symptoms are spotted.

To prevent similar incident, a warden has been asked to keep an eye on the creature. The management also asked the tourists to be more careful in leaving food and drinks around, especially in areas frequented by animals.

The macaque was rushed to the animal clinic to treat the caffeine overdose.

The doctors attended to the monkey and was released after the treatment.

A warden is assigned to look after the monkey.

The warden said that the macaques should only be given fruit and vegetables. They also have designated areas where they eat.


40 Cute And Adorable Snake Pics That’ll Help You Overcome Your Fears

I seriously did not expect snakes to be this lovely.

Almost everyone in this world will agree that snakes, in one way or another, look scary. The moment we see them, we immediately think of running. Our minds automatically tell us that these crawling creatures will either wrap itself around or bite us. Heck, even in our literature, snakes symbolize treachery and betrayal, among many others. In reality though, not all of them are deadly – or, in other words, they can be tamed.

Here at Elite Readers, we want to prove to you that snakes are not all the time synonymous with the terms “dangerous” and "deadly." They can also be as charming and adorable - just like dogs and cats! And to really give you proof, we have collected some of the “cutest” snakes from across the world. You will see baby snakes and grown-up serpents all trying to convey one simple message: “We are loveable.” We hope that through this compilation, your view towards these creatures will change.

Well, without further ado, here they are! Do not worry, alright? They will not bite you or something.

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Dog Missing For 2 Years In Disbelief When Reunited With Her Owner

Dogs surely know how to feel sad too when they get separated from their beloved owners.

We often encounter sad news about animal cruelty with dogs and cats being targets of abuse. Though they are considered as the perfect pets, some of us still manage to mistreat them. But not all people are equal. However, there are still many of us who has lasting relationship with their pets.

Once you fall in love with an adorable and pretty loyal dog, it might be very difficult to go through separation. A lengthy break up is what kept an owner and his dog sadder than sad for two years, but luckily, fate brought them back together again.

Paprika was separated from her owner two years ago.

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Scientists Hope to Clone 50,000-Year-Old, Preserved Extinct Cave Lion Cub Found in Siberia

Scientists are excited to further study the pre-historic creature.

The perfectly preserved remains of an extinct lion cub was recently found in permafrost on the bank of Tirekhtykh River of the Abyisky district of Yakutiaby in the Sakha Republic (Russia's largest and coldest region). Local resident Boris Berezhnov discovered the the carcass of an "unrecognizable animal" after a fall in water level in the remote river.

According to the scientists, the animal, measuring around 18 inches (46cm) in length and weighing almost 9lbs (4kg), was around one and a half to two months old when it died. Reasons for the death are still unknown. The animal was found with its head still resting gently on a paw. It is not clear yet whether the cub was male or female.

Experts say the remains were perfectly preserved, which is greatly helpful in studying the animal.

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