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After Giving Birth, This Woman Revealed a Secret that Her Family Never Expected





Surprises are meant to leave our jaws dropping and our heart racing. It is that one thing that makes us want to either jump for glee or shake in frustration, depending on the reason. But for this woman who just gave birth, we are not sure how to feel if we were her family who have just received her news. Because in reality, that thing she kept secret from her entire family is BIG.

The last six grandchildren are all boys; that includes her first three kids. When she got pregnant with her fourth child, she was ecstatic to find out that it was finally a girl! She wanted to surprise the entire clan by revealing the truth only after the delivery. The reactions she got were hilarious! Some couldn’t believe whilst others thought they were tricked! The timing was perfect and the mission was a success!

Watch their epic reactions here:

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Source: Aubrey Howell, The San Francisco Globe

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