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Woman Left With ‘Sausage Lips’ After Trying At-Home Lip Fillers

“They looked like sausages on my face, I looked like a duck gone wrong.”


Some things are really better when done by professionals. A woman claims that the numbing cream she used for an at-home lip filling procedure left her with “sausage lips.” The effect was so bad that one of her friends reportedly vomited after seeing the woman’s swollen lips.

Christina Burton of Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, UK, had paid £75 for dermal fillers to be done from the comfort of her own home. The 29-year-old had previously gotten lip fillers but this was the first time that the procedure was done at home. Although Burton “felt something wasn’t right,” she went ahead with it and things took an ugly turn.

Burton before she ended up with ‘sausage lips’.

According to Burton, the swelling may have been caused by the numbing cream used before her lips were injected with fillers. However, she was reassured by the beautician that the reaction was normal.

“As soon as they put the cream on I just knew something wasn’t right. My lips were tingling and felt like they were swelling up straight away. When you have numbing cream on it does feel like it’s swollen because it’s numb. That time I just felt something wasn’t right – my lips were swelling straight away and I was in pain, which I never usually am,” Burton said.

The pain didn’t go away when the beautician left and Burton immediately feared that she was having an allergic reaction.

“They looked like sausages on my face, I looked like a duck gone wrong,” she said of her lips. “I tried taking antihistamines and painkillers to help with the swelling and I had an ice lolly to keep them cool but they just got out of control.”

The swollen lips were clearly due to an allergic reaction.

Burton finally called for an ambulance when she began having trouble breathing. At the hospital, she was given steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and, antibiotics. The staff then monitored her condition overnight.

It’s certainly a terrifying tale and Burton wants to make sure people are aware of the dangers of at-home procedures like the one she had.

“I’m sharing my story in the hope that people are aware that allergic reactions can and do happen to anyone,” Burton said. “I would say to anyone thinking of getting filter to make sure it’s with someone who’s fully qualified and has had proper training, you know what products they’re using and they’re insured.”


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