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Woman Blames Husband’s Delicious Cooking For Weight Gain And Spine Injury





Gaining weight, as in, unhealthy fat is always a regretful experience. There is always something to blame for that though, such as age, genetics, vices, but almost always, food.

So when one woman from Heilongjiang, China gained so much weight to the point of fracturing her back, you can bet that it’s the food which caused that. In fact, she is blaming her husband’s “good cooking” skills for her spine injury.

The upset wife suffered a slipped disk in her lower back and was admitted into a hospital.

The woman, whose only in her 20s, said:

“My husband’s cooking is really good, and for the last two years, he only cooked meat dishes.

I was about 60 to 65 kilograms (132 to 143 lbs) before we got married, but now I’m 100 kilograms (220 lbs) … I gained nearly 40 kilograms (88 lbs) in two years.”

Her husband, on the other hand, only gained five kilograms over the same period of time.

The unnamed woman said that her weight gain made her life very difficult as she couldn’t walk normally anymore without her legs becoming painful. Since she sits for a long period of time at work, it also added to her having a hard time walking.

She said:

“I couldn’t straighten my back anymore… I needed to squat and rest every three or five steps I took.”

That isn’t to say that the woman never tried to do something about her weight. In fact, she claimed that she actually tried to lose weight, but unfortunately, her husband’s good cooking and delicious meals kept distracting her from her weight loss plan.

She added:

“Every time I told my husband I should lose weight, he cooked more good food for me.”

The woman is currently receiving treatment for her back. And as part of her treatment, doctors have placed her on a waist guard.

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