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Roasted Lizard Rice Bowls Are Well-Loved in Vietnam But Would You Eat It?

Would you eat this delicacy?

  • Vietnam is home to some of the most bizarre foods in the world.
  • One of them is this roasted lizard rice bowl, which is a popular delicacy.
  • This food uses farmed common house lizard.

Many of the most bizarre food can be found in different countries in Asia. For instance, there’s balut (half-fertilized duck egg) in the Philippines; in Cambodia, there are crispy whole tarantulas. And then there’s Vietnam – there’s just a ton of weird food that is only reserved for the most adventurous.

One of what most people would consider unappetizing foods in Vietnam is roasted lizard rice bowls. If you’re planning to visit Vietnam, you might want to give this popular delicacy a try – that is if you have a strong stomach.

You won’t look at house lizards the same way again.

The well-loved roasted rice bowls in Vietnam use common house lizards, the ones you’ll likely find in the corners of your home or up the ceiling, preying on tiny insects.

But of course, the lizards, in this case, are bred in a farm and once they reach maturity, they will then be cooked to a crisp in an oven before traders sell them in the public market.

Now, the question is, would you eat this popular delicacy? Many netizens certainly would not. In fact, they are grossed out by the idea of cooking common lizards and turning them into food.

If you’re the adventurous type, then why not?
While the Philippines have dried fish, Vietnam has this simple hearty meal.
That is A LOT of lizards!

A lot of travelers would be open to the idea of eating weird foods as part of their unique experience. But the online community was not so thrilled when they saw photos of this business online.

If that’s not gross enough for you, think about those flying lizards on a stick in China. They too are a popular delicacy sold on the streets of China, along with duck heads, seahorses on a stick and even scorpions on a stick!

What do you think? Will this be a yay or a nay?


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