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Woman Who Sold House and Offered Herself as Part of the Package Has Found A Buyer.

House, lot, and wife for sale – SOLD!


Do you remember Wina Lia of Indonesia? Well, she is the widow who wanted to sell her house in Yogyakarta. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious backyard and a fish pond – all for about $76,500. Sounds like a great deal, right? But wait, there’s more… the lucky buyer will also get to marry Wina, the owner, as part of the deal.


Here’s a screenshot of the ad.


Photo credit: Jakarta Coconuts

When the ad came out on a real estate website, everyone thought it was a joke. But Wina, a beauty salon owner, was actually serious about the offer. The ad reads:  “Offer of the century!!! Buy the house and you may marry the owner (terms & conditions apply). Only for serious buyers and without negotiation.” It turns out that not only does Wina want to sell the house, she’s also looking for a partner. She’s been having trouble finding a man after her husband died in 2000. Upon learning of her romantic problems, her real estate agent suggested offering herself up for marriage in the ad.

Wina Lisa poses in front of her home.

For sale: House (and wife) in Indonesia

As expected, the ad went viral across Indonesian social media. After two months, she finally got a deal. A 46-year-old single parent named Redi Eko, who’s also looking for a partner, offered to buy the house. The pair has yet to meet in person as of writing, but they have been exchanging messages and talking on the phone daily. They plan to meet soon and go on a minor pilgrimage to Mecca. They intend to marry if things go smoothly.

The 40-year old widow is actually a beauty.


Photo credit: Metro News

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Jordanian Gynecologist Left His Mobile Phone Inside Patient’s Abdomen After a C-Section!

New mother realized a mobile phone was left inside her when her stomach began VIBRATING.

"I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice." - An excerpt from the Hippocratic Oath

Doctors and nurses understand that it's not easy for anyone to just take medicines, expose their naked bodies, and simply entrust their lives to strangers. That is why trust is one of the most vital elements that should be established between healthcare providers and the patients themselves. Patients should be confident that their doctors will never deliberately harm them in any way.

The healthcare staff's competence, knowledge, and behaviour are as equally important, particularly if a patient has to undergo a major surgery. Imagine being completely oblivious of what's happening inside the operating room (OR), and what the surgeons and nurses are doing to you. Imagine what might happen then if you're in the hands of negligent, irresponsible, and incompetent people...

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When I Discovered The Secret of This Fish, I’m Completely Blown Away!

What an incredible discovery!


Have you ever heard of a warm-blooded fish?

Meet opah, the first fully warm-blooded fish, according to a research conducted by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries (NOAA). Also called the moonfish, it is about the size of a car’s tire that can grow up to 6 feet long, weighs more than 100 lbs, and dwells hundreds of feet underwater.

Its ability to circulate heated blood throughout its body gives the opah the competitive advantage to swim faster. Thus, it is a very active predator in the ocean.

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Friends Glued Pubic Hair on this Poor Guy’s Face For His Bachelor Party

When having fun goes too far…

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, or so the popular saying goes. We used to believe that this only applies to the differences in the tastes of the two genders, but after coming across this story, we think there is a deeper meaning to this cliche.

A bachelor's party is the last (hopefully) event when a man can become completely trashed for one night before tying the knot. As marriage entails getting extremely serious about life and goals, getting all crazy and wacky before the day of the marriage would not hurt. For Americans, the objective of bachelor parties is to have the groom get his last chance on adultery or flirting. But in England, their views on a legit bachelor's party is quite different and uhm, bizarre. Take this bachelor's party we saw as an example:

The guys glued pubic hair all over the groom's face!


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