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Husband Pours Boiling Water Over Wife After She Woke Him Up With Breakfast In Bed




  • 28-year-old Ali Ay attacked his wife Rukiye Ay, 23, after she woke him up for breakfast in bed.
  • He got really angry and later poured boiling water on her back.
  • The poor wife ended up in a hospital as a result of the incident.

A husband is being accused of throwing boiling water over his wife when she woke him up for breakfast in bed. Apparently, he lost his temper because she disturbed his sleep.

23-year-old Rukiye Ay ended up in a hospital because of the incident that happened in Turkey last January 9, Saturday.

Ali Ay, 28, got mad after his wife woke him up for a breakfast in bed.

According to reports, Rukiye suffered injuries on her back as a result. In an interview, she shared that she woke up her husband Ali Ay, 28, for a breakfast in bed treat but he got mad. She later left him alone and had breakfast with her daughter. Ali soon followed her and said he’ll divorce her, later throwing boiling water down her neck.

She only wanted to make him happy…

Rukiye shared:

“I prepared it all and then went to tell my husband he had breakfast in bed. He was angry and demanded to know why I woke him up, and told me not to bother him, so I started having breakfast with my daughter.

“He came in still in a bad mood and told me he was going to divorce me and gain custody of our daughter no matter what I did.”

What a horrible husband!

The poor woman continued:

“He then poured boiling water down my neck. He was going to throw it in my face but I turned away.

“I ran away and could my T-shirt sticking to my skin. He then threw the rest of the boiling water at me and some of it landed on my child’s feet and the rest hit me on the hip.”

Rukiye eventually tried escaping but fainted from all the pain. According to her, Ali grabbed her by the hair and brought her to the toilet. She later managed to gather her strength and asked a neighbor’s help to contact the police.

Ali ended up getting arrested but was soon released on bail.

“I couldn’t believe it, as long as he is free me and my daughter are in danger,” confessed Rukiye.

Fortunately, public outrage later resulted to him being arrested again.

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