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This House and Lot for Sale Comes with a Free Wife. Are You Interested?





Widowed since 2000, Wina Lia, a 40-year-old resident of Sleman, Yogyakarta in Indonesia has kept her hopes on high speed as she and her realtor puts up a very interesting deal on marketing love. She is not just looking for a keen buyer of her single-storey 523-square-meter house and lot. She’s also hoping to find her soulmate.

This is absolutely an awesome deal for those looking to settle down. Wina Lia is selling her spacious 2-bedroom house and it comes with a wife for FREE. Yup! You got that right! Her IDR999 million ($76,500)-worth house and lot not just boast two spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, granite flooring, a fish pond, and a spacious backyard; but also comes along with a wife none other than herself!

This is the house for sale and it comes with a free wife.


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Aside from the exceptional “package” the ads bring, the house is also strategically nestled at Randu Gunting, Tamanmartani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta– known as the center of Javanese arts and culture. Not bad for settling down right?

Buy the house and marry the beautiful owner at the same time!


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It’s not a joke. The offer is legitimate as confirmed by Lia herself.


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Why did she include herself in the house and lot package? Continue reading next page…

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