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Iceland’s ‘Floating’ Pedestrian Crossing Effectively Slows Down Speeding Vehicles

Now speeding drivers are forced to slow down as they approach the area.


Traffic regulations are made for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. There are instances, however, when necessary tweaks have to be made to ensure that people comply with the rules of the road. Besides, it’s for everyone’s benefit in the long run.

Case in point, officials in Ísafjörður, a small town in Iceland, decided to do something to slow speeding vehicles down when approaching the pedestrian crossing. Apparently, what they did was to come up with a three-dimensional zebra crosswalk which creates a floating illusion.

Iceland’s 3D zebra stripes are innovative and effective.

According to an online report, it was Ralf Trylla, environmental commissioner of Iceland, who ordered the creation of the project. This was after seeing a similar idea implemented in New Delhi, India.

Vegmálun GÍH, a street painting company, went to work to turn the concept into reality.

The unique pedestrian lane has since caught the attention of netizens everywhere after being featured on various websites.

With the crosswalk’s floating effect, speeding drivers tend to slow down as they approach the area.

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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The photos and the video, taken by Gústi Productions, has since gained a lot of attention on social media and has even been featured on websites such as BoredPanda. So far, netizens have mixed reactions about the crosswalk, with some saying it looks cool and others questioning its effectiveness.

Would you want to have this ‘floating’ pedestrian crossing in your place, too?

Or do you know of any other effective ways to grab the attention of speeding drivers? Like the dancing traffic officers they have in the Philippines, maybe? Well please feel free to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below. We’d definitely love to hear your creative ideas!


18 Weird Beauty Gadgets That Promise to Make You Beautiful

If you don’t have money for plastic surgery, then you might consider buying these products instead.

We’re all guilty of buying stuff that makes us look beautiful or handsome. After all, who wants to look ugly and bad, right? I guess no one. Apparently though, weird-looking beauty gadgets are now a thing. And as their name suggests, you already have an idea on how they work.

The so-called project “Beauty Warriors” is basically a collection of images featuring the aforementioned gadgets. These products can be found and bought on Ebay, and most of them are made in China. They all promise the same thing: to make you look beautiful without the need of plastic surgery. Sure, they’re cheaper than the costly botulin injections and/or plastic surgeries; however, their efficiency depends on the belief that they'll work.

The project is courtesy of Evija Laivina, a Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice BA student at the University of Highlands and Island in Inverness, Scotland. The models are either her friends or family, though some are volunteers from social media.

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Giant ‘Fearsome’ Spider Gets Rescued And Given A Second Chance In Life

For this rescue organization, every animal – big or small- is worth saving.

Spiders are typically feared by most people. There’s even a name for the fear of spiders, which is arachnophobia. Although some may not be venomous, they can still appear intimidating. For Australia’s Barnyard Betty Rescue, animals, big or small, that are in need of rescue deserves to live a good life - and that’s what they gave to a giant spider.

We’ve read about stories of cats, dogs and even farm animals getting rescued and given another chance at life. But this rescue story we’re about to share is definitely one of a kind since it involves saving a creature that is usually the stuff of nightmares.

Barnyard Betty Rescue in Australia managed to rescue a Huntsman spider from being killed.

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16 of the Largest and Most Fascinating Living Things on Earth

Although some of them still exist today, most of these creatures lived on Earth millions of years ago.

Whenever we hear or see massive things, we immediately get fascinated. Remember when you first saw a gigantic building? Weren’t you amazed by its humongous size? In any case, the world is packed with creatures much bigger than us. This is especially true during the pre-historic era where colossal beasts walked on Earth.

Since we feel tiny for not sharing this with you, we compiled a list of all things giant. This is definitely something that you won’t want to miss. Check them out!

#16. Sequoia Trees

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