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Firefighter Aims Pressurized Water At Onlookers Taking Videos Of Fatal Road Accident

Firefighter thinks onlookers are being disrespectful as they take photos and videos of the accident. What he did made the gawkers disperse immediately from the scene.


The number of traffic accidents is increasing every year. Although it is no longer surprising to see crashes on a busy highway, we still can’t help our curiosity from making a stop for a while to check on the situation. While some of us do so to see how we can help fix the problem, most of us only have the intention to take snaps that will later be posted as statuses on social media.

A recent fatal road accident in Germany is now gaining international attention because of what a firefighter responding to the collision did to passing motorists. According to witnesses, curious drivers passing through the accident site stopped to take videos and photos of the scene, making the road extra congested and jammed.

A German firefighter seemed to had enough of onlookers taking videos and photos of the fatal collision they were working on at a highway.

Source: youtube

To stop the gawkers from blocking the rescue site and causing more traffic, Firefighter Silvia Darmstädter of the German Fire Brigade then drove away the onlookers he considered disrespectful by turning on his fire hose and splashing a volume of water at them. The firefighter is now reportedly under investigation but many media outlets and social media goers are applauding him for his act.

The gawkers caused heavier traffic at the scene and this firefighter has the best solution to free some space.

Source: youtube
The firefighter started to blast onlookers with his fire hose as he believes they are being disrespectful.

Source: youtube

While taking videos and photos of a fatal accident can be considered disrespectful, it is unfortunately a human nature to want to look at highway wrecks. According to an English professor at the Wake Forest University, people are “drawn to doom, and enamored of ruin.” Prof. Eric Wilson also thinks people are drawn to gruesome scenes due to the schadenfreude that’s a part of our psyche.

The firefighter’s acts are being criticized by authorities although there are some groups supporting his logic.

Source: youtube

Silvia Darmstädter is however determined that what he did to the gawkers was right. Authorities though disagree with him and said he has no right to target civilians in such a manner, regardless of whether they are causing more trouble at the scene.


Three Friends Organize Orgy Parties For Customers – And Business Is Booming!

Ever fantasized about joining an orgy? This business will make your dreams come true!

Three friends from Sydney, Australia have created a unique sex-related business together and, according to them, it’s doing really great. They established Sensual Erotica which they say is a “safe place for people to explore their sexuality.”

The trio organizes parties they describe as “conscious orgies.” These gatherings allow interested customers to (or ‘players’) to freely express their desires in a safe environment.

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Five Siblings Lived With Pigs In Filthy Pen For Years After Parents Abandoned Them

Five kids lived miserably in a filthy pigpen after their parents abandoned them to fend themselves.

Families are supposed to be together through good times and bad times, but apparently, there are factors in life that can tear the supposedly strong bond between them. The Del Rosario siblings, as young as they are, are facing tremendous challenges to survive in this cruel world, with their parents abandoning them to fend for themselves.

Poverty is a common scene in third world countries like the Philippines. It has been a longstanding problem that plagues families in the island that eventually offshoots to other crisis. The Del Rosario children are unfortunately one of those who need to suffer more than anyone else in the country not only because a bountiful life shied away from them, but first and foremost because their parents gave up on supporting them.

Five siblings were forced to live in a pigpen after they were abandoned by their parents and have nowhere to go.

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A Chinese doctor sacrifices his own health so he could finish a critical surgery on a patient.

We often hear about how doctors do not have to right to get sick as many lives depend on them. But our medical team members are also only human and even if they can perform miracles in the hospital, they still are not gods to be pain-resistant.

We often neglect this reality and since our own well-being is our first priority, we sometimes become unreasonably demanding to them. We are not aware of the sleepless nights they have to endure to save hundreds of patients a day and neglect to realize that their dedication to their tasks can also take a toll on their health.

It's very rare to see a doctor getting treatment while performing a procedure on a patient.

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